Hunting Limpopo South Africa

Hunting in Limpopo

South Africa


Hunting in Limpopo South Africa is where we conduct most of our dangerous game hunts for African elephant, Cape buffalo and leopard.

The unique topography of the Limpopo Province makes it ideal for combining a photo safari with your hunt. Situated strategically near  the Kruger National Park, visiting the park prior to or after your hunt makes perfect sense.

Hunting in Limpopo South Africa

Hunting in Limpopo

Hunting in Limpopo South Africa is blessed with breath-taking landscapes and a diverse variety of game species. We have pre-selected a number of hunting lodges where we know you will have multiple opportunities at hunting your desired trophy animals. Our all-inclusive hunting packages ensure no nasty surprises at the end of your Limpopo hunting safari. Whether you are rifle hunting or bow hunting the Limpopo Province we look forward to being your hosts!

Mopane veldt is in the order of the day (Mopane is derived from the Mopane tree: Colophospermum mopane) supplying welcome nourishment to the ever-hungry elephants. Certain parts of the eastern Lowveld is considered malaria region (we will inform you if your hunt is scheduled in a malaria region). Please speak to your physician before leaving your country of origin as some of the malaria prophylactics need to be administered before you depart on your Africa hunting safari.

The Limpopo Province borders the Kruger National Park and shares an international boundary with Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Botswana. Mapungubwe (Place of the jackal), a world renowned archaeological site, is located along the Limpopo River where the Shashe River joins the Limpopo River.

There are a number of above average nyala hunting areas in Limpopo.

One of our hunting places in the Limpopo Province is conducted in the Hoedspruit / Phalaborwa areas. These areas allow for hunting near Kruger National Park putting you within a visit to the Kruger Park (time permitting).

Bushveld hunting near Kruger National Park
Bushveld hunting

Hunting in Limpopo Province calls for what is commonly known as bushveld hunting.

The name bushveld is derived from the two words:

  • bush that refers to the number of trees and shrub that grows naturally in that hunting area, and secondly
  • veld that merely refers to a field or a large natural habitat area.

Similarly, we refer to hunting in the highveld and hunting in the lowveld of South Africa. The main distinction between the two would be:


Hunting in the lowveld
  • Hunting in the lowveld usually refers to hunting at an elevation of 1 500 ft and less
  • Typically, hunting in the lowveld would be for plains game and dangerous game. The eastern lowveld areas close to Kruger Park are prime Cape buffalo, African elephant, lion and leopard hunting areas.
  • Mostly the plains game species that are hunted in the lowveld are (but not limited to) kudu, blue wildebeest, sable, roan antelope, giraffe, nyala, red hartebeest, waterbuck, bushbuck, warthog, duiker and steenbok to name a few.
  • Cats such as caracal and African wildcat can be found along with civit cat.
  • Malaria occurs in some of the eastern lowveld hunting areas. However, during the winter months when we hunt in the lowveld, there are zero bugs prevalent due to the decline in temperature and the lack of still water spots.


Hunting in the highveld
  • Hunting in the highveld refers to hunting higher elevation areas, mostly in excess of 5 000 ft.
  • Typically game that can be hunted in the highveld are blesbok, black wildebeest, blue wildebeest, red hartebeest, duiker, steenbok, fallow deer, eland, mountain reedbok, vaal rhebok and others.
  • Cats found in these regions would mainly include caracal and serval
  • Malaria does not occur in the high regions
  • Dangerous game would be limited to white rhino, leopard and Cape buffalo.


Hunting near Kruger National Park

Many of our dangerous game hunts are conducted near Kruger National Park. This allows us to combine a hunting safari with a photo safari into one of the best preserved nature preserves on the African continent.

Hunting in Limpopo Province South Africa

History of Limpopo Province

Formerly known as the Northern Transvaal, the Limpopo Province encompasses much of what were incredible hunting grounds in the 1860’s. Extremely rich in history and diverse in topography the hunting is still some of the best Africa can offer. The Limpopo bushveld is rather unique due to the fact that at two places it shares a common border with two other countries.

In the farthest North eastern boundary of the Kruger Park (inside the Limpopo Province) is a place with the dubious name of Crooks Corner. This is where the international boundaries of South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique meet up at. Crooks Corner is well known due to the activities of the renowned elephant hunter, Cecil Barnard, better known as Bvekenya – He who swaggers when he walks. Be sure to read the book: The Ivory Trail by T.V. Bulpin who wrote the biography on Cecil Barnard.

Most of the very best African hunting safari packages are conducted in Limpopo. Crooks Corner dates back to the early days (1860’s) when elephants were legally and illegally hunted in that region.

The Transvaal Province had its northern boundary along the Limpopo River, while the southern boundary was along the Vaal River. Vaal refers to dull color the same as the color of the river. Trans-Vaal translates to: across the vaal (river). Transvaal was home to the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek, better known as the ZAR. ZAR is the acronym for the South African Republic from the Dutch with the same meaning.


Kruger Park and War

The best known President of the ZAR was Paul Kruger who was instrumental in the start of the world renowned Kruger National Park. Paul Kruger was President during the declaration of the Anglo Boer War between the ZAR and the British Empire (1899 – 1902).

With the discovery of gold in Johannesburg, Transvaal, in 1886, people from all over the world flocked to Johannesburg. This was the discovery of the richest gold bearing reef in the world, which reef is still mined to this day.

The large number of foreigners (Dutch: Uitlanders – literally meaning Outlanders) meant that the vote became an issue, whilst the majority of the Afrikaner people fled the Cape Colony due to British intervention. This led to an impasse which was solved by the Kruger government who agreed to allow the vote to Uitlanders if: they were male European, older than 45 and have been in the country for longer than 10 years.

Post 1994 with the advent of the first elections for all races in South Africa, the Limpopo Province was sub-divided into:

Gauteng – Place of gold

Mpumalanga – Where the sun rises

Limpopo Province, and

North West Province.


Information on Limpopo hunting packages South Africa

Included in your Limpopo hunting packages
  • Trophy fee for the specified animals
  • Hunting days as set out
  • Pick-up and drop-off at the Johannesburg international airport (known as the O.R. Tambo International Airport), or any hotel or guest house in Johannesburg or Pretoria
  • Accommodation during the hunt
  • Meals
  • Laundry
  • Services of a Professional Hunter
  • Services of a tracker / skinner
  • All tag fees
  • Use of our rifle is included if you do not bring your own
  • Ammunition can be replaced at cost
Terms and conditions Limpopo hunting package
  • $ 500 deposit required to secure your dates
  • Wounded animals not retrieved are bought and paid for
  • Observers are welcome to come along at $ 150 per observer per day
Limpopo Province hunting areas

We have access to a number of different hunting areas in Limpopo South Africa. Some of the hunting areas are in the proximity of the Kruger National Park. Time permitting a visit to this world renowned 5 million acre Big 5 game preserve can be undertaken.

All our hunting concessions have sufficient plains game, dangerous game and hyena populations allowing for a bigger than average opportunity at a successful hunt.   

Best time of year for hunting in Limpopo

Best time of year for hunting in Limpopo South Africa is during the drier months. The drier months in Limpopo are from May to October. Many areas in Limpopo are covered with Mopane trees. When these trees shed their leaves, the leaves are a big give-away if stepped upon. Remember to ask us how to overcome this problem when you are hunting here.

What animals can you hunt in Limpopo

We prefer to hunt all game on the same property we are hunting. If we encounter difficulty in locating certain animals, we have the following game available for hunting:

Hunting plains game in Limpopo South Africa

Blesbok – common


Blue wildebeest



Red hartebeest
Cape buffalo Roan antelope – tag required

Duiker Sable




Tsessebe – tag required

Hippo – tag required




Kudu Zebra – common


Hunting dangerous game in Limpopo South Africa
Black rhino Elephant
Cape buffalo Leopard
Lion White rhino

Hunting camps and hunting lodges in Limpopo