Hunting in Natal

Hunting in KwaZulu Natal

South Africa.

Hunting in KwaZulu Natal South Africa is hunting in the footsteps of King Shaka Zulu. Shaka was known as the Napoleon of Africa due to his incredible ability to manipulate military tactics to his distinct advantage.

Hunting in KwaZulu Natal South Africa

Traditional hunting in Natal

Traditionally hunting in Natal was done by his Royal Highness Shaka Zulu (c.1787-1828). Amongst many things, King Shaka was known for uniting the Zulu nation into one tremendous and mighty nation.

He was feared by most for his uncanny military tactics developing the stabbing spear, known as the icwa (other spellings include: iklwa). According to folklore, the name icwa was derived from the sound made when the speer was withdrawn from inside of your opponent.

The ultimate form of proving your bravery was to kill a leopard with your spear, allowing you to wear your coveted trophy during official business.

Fortunately, things have developed to make hunting in Natal a much safer environment. Unless of course you are hunting Cape buffalo in Natal. It is still a very dangerous hunt and the hunter still needs the back-up of his experienced PH.

Our hunting in Natal concessions are situated mostly between the far northern parts of the Natal Province, and the northern parts of central Natal. If history is your pet project, our hunting concessions are not too far from the historical town of Dundee.

Hunting close to Hluhluwe-Umfolozi game reserve
A short history of the Natal Province

In South Africa, a Province is equal to a US State. A shortened historical overview (and way shortened) starts with Shaka Zulu who is addressed as above.

A battle of note for local history was the Battle of Blood River (16 December 1838). This battle took place

Other battles of note was the Battle of Blood River (16 December 1838) between 464 Voortrekkers (a direct translation will be: someone who draws/pulls/leads from the front) and an estimated 10 000 – 15 000 Zulu warriors under leadership of King Dingane. Casualties on the side of the Zulu warriors is estimated in the region of 3 000 dead, while three of the Voortrekkers (pioneers) were slightly wounded.

The largest defeat by the British military (in British military history) against a non-firearm bearing opponent, was scored against Shaka and his military. The Battle of Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift (21 and 22 January 1879) will remain a thorn in the flesh of the British Empire. These two battles also yielded the highest number of soldiers to date being bestowed with the Victorian Cross (VC) for bravery in any battle.

During the Anglo Boer War, a cheeky British journalist and war correspondent escaped from captivity in Pretoria. He re-joined the British and continued to report. His name was Winston Churchill who later became the British Prime Minister during World War II.

Numerous other skirmishes and other battles took place but the aforementioned would be the most famous.

Hunting areas and hunting camps in Natal – KZN

Hunting in KwaZulu Natal South Africa

Natal is famous for the Drakensberg Mountains that form the borders with the Free State Province and Mpumalanga Province. Interestingly enough, the land-locked country of Lesotho borders KwaZulu Natal. Drakensberg derives it’s name from the Dutch word draken which means dragon. It is said the ragged sharp edges of the majestic mountains looked as sharp as the teeth and claws of a dragon.

Kwa = place of. So the name KwaZulu Natal would reflect the Natal as the place of the Zulu nation in South Africa.

A diverse topography makes up the uneven landscape of the most eastern coastal province of South Africa. Dense bushveld areas make way for rolling hills with an abundance of superior grass fields. The Natal midlands is said to be for horses what Kentucky is for horse racing stock.

Tremendous mountains at Majuba gave rise to the first defeat of the British at the hands of the Boers. Ample rainfall along with amazing vegetation in the flatlands yielded above average crops.

During winter the Drakensberg mountains are mostly snow capped for shorter periods of time. Many locals drive out there to experience their first sighting of snow.

Weather along the coast can be downright nasty with high humidity. Some describe it as being hellishly hot for four months, but fortunately it becomes summer soon after that. Cooler conditions prevail in the midlands and the highlands during the height of summer.

Today Natal has two large coastal export ports at Richards Bay, and the capital city, Durban.

Hunting near Hluhluwe-Umfolozi game reserve

Our hunting concessions are within easy reach of the Hluhluwe-Umfolozi game reserve. An easy transfer can be arranged at minimal cost to our concessions.

Upon completion of the hunt we will gladly drop you off either at the airport in Johannesburg, or the King Shaka International Airport in Durban. Either way, we will arrange for you to be at your next destination trouble free.

Hunting dangerous game in Kwa Zulu Natal

Information on hunting in KwaZulu Natal South Africa

Included in your Natal hunting packages
  • Trophy fee for the specified animals
  • Hunting days as set out
  • Pick-up and drop-off at the Johannesburg international airport (known as the O.R. Tambo International Airport), or any hotel or guest house in Johannesburg or Pretoria at a nominal cost, alternatively
  • Pick-up and drop-off at the King Shaka International Airport, or any guest house or hotel in that vicinity at a nominal cost, alternatively
  • Pick-up from the Hluhluwe-Umfolozi game reserve and drop off at your follow-on destination at a nominal cost
  • Accommodation during the hunt
  • Meals
  • Laundry
  • Services of a Professional Hunter
  • Services of a tracker / skinner
  • All tag fees
  • Use of our rifle is included if you do not bring your own
  • Ammunition can be replaced at cost
Terms and conditions
  • $ 500 deposit required to secure your dates
  • Wounded animals not retrieved are bought and paid for
  • Observers are welcome to come along at $ 150 per observer per day
  • Balance outstanding is payable upon completion of the hunt in cash, Master Card or Visa only
Hunting in Natal South Africa
KwaZulu Natal hunting areas

We have access to a number of different hunting areas in Natal.

All our hunting concessions have sufficient plains game or dangerous game and hyena populations. This allows for a bigger than average opportunity at a successfully hunt.   

Hunting in KwaZulu Natal South Africa
Best time of year to hunt KwaZulu Natal

Best time of year for hunting in KZN Natal is during the drier months. The drier months in Natal are from May to October. Hunting in certain regions of Natal are difficult with dense brush.

Hides, careful walk-and-stalk and calling of animals usually lead to a successful hunt on these occasions.

What animals can you hunt in KwaZulu Natal

We have the following game available for hunting on our Natal concessions:

Plains game

Blesbok – commonNyala
Blue wildebeestOstrich
BushbuckRed hartebeest
Cape buffaloRoan antelope – tag required
Giraffe – tag requiredRed duiker
Hippo – tag requiredWarthog
KuduZebra – common
Hunting dangerous game in KwaZulu Natal
Black rhino – tag requiredElephant – tag required
Cape buffaloLeopard – tag required
Lion – tag requiredWhite rhino – tag required

South African hunting safari packages 2020

First Timer

$3 750
  • First time African hunting safari package
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$5 450
  • Kudu hunting package South Africa
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Gun and Camera

$5 950
  • Hunting Africa with gun and camera
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Father and Son

$7 850
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Hunting Cape buffalo

$9 500
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African lion hunts

$10 000
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$9 500
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