South African plains game hunting packages

South African plains game hunting packages

Below are our South African plains game hunting packages 2020. We aim to have you hunt!

Please note our hunting in Africa packages include all your expenses associated with the hunting package you booked. The only additional costs you can expect to pay will for for additional animals hunted outside your original hunting package.

Due to popular demand we selected several South African plains game hunting packages for your hunting pleasure.

From the start, we realized we had to compile hunting packages that would include all costs. When we signed up for rental packages in the past, the most annoying issue was ending up paying additional costs that were mentioned in the type of fine print lawyers find difficult to read.

African plains game hunting safari packages
Your own African plains game hunting packages

If none of our hunting packages are what you want, design your own South African plains game hunting package. We will add a price to it and you have what you wanted to have from the start!

Another issue we tried to address is to limit the number of plains game hunting packages to where it stops confusing the hunter with too much information. From the outset, we decided to have a limited number of hunting packages with the most sought after plains game species. If there are additional animals you would like to hunt, ask and we will see how to accommodate any reasonable requests. This allows you the freedom of deciding what you want to hunt and does not force you to hunt a whole new package just for two more animals you ideally would like to have.

Resulting from this, Mkulu Hunting Safaris designed their plains game hunting packages where what you see is what you pay. We also specify an additional night stay over and what it costs. So, at the end of the hunt everyone is on the same page. This makes parting ways so much more agreeable.

Listed below are our current South African plains game hunting packages for your hunting pleasure. Please feel free to contact us about your specific hunting needs.

Our plains game hunting packages start at $ 3 550 for a 2 X 1 hunt and            $ 3 750 for a 1 X 1 hunt.

South African plains game hunting packages

Rifle hunting

Gun & Camera

$5 950
  • 1 trophy kudu
  • 1 trophy blue wildebeest
  • 1 trophy impala
  • trophy warthog
  • 3 days and 2 night stay in Kruger National Park
  • 10 days total
  • Hunting Africa with gun and camera
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Ultimate package

$11 950
  • 1 X trophy kudu
  • 1 X zebra
  • 1 X trophy gemsbok
  • 1 X trophy red hartebeest
  • 1 X trophy blue wildebeest
  • 1 X trophy black wildebeest
  • 1 X trophy impala
  • 1 X trophy warthog
  • 1 X trophy springbok
  • 1 X trophy blesbok
  • Ultimate African hunting package
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