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Hunting in Zimbabwe with Georgia Safaris.


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Hunting in Zimbabwe with Georgia Safaris

Mkulu African Hunting Safaris teamed up with Georgia Safaris for all our hunting in Zimbabwe needs. John Hunt, owner of Georgia Safaris, is a dangerous game hunting veteran with over 25 years’ experience in the African hunting industry. John conducts all our Cape buffalo hunting in Zimbabwe as well as leopard hunting in Zimbabwe and sable antelope hunts in Zimbabwe. John and his wife Debbie conduct the safaris in Zimbabwe while Pieter conducts the safaris in South Africa. The two companies are not related and work independently. Regardless of where you choose to hunt you will enjoy a high-quality hunting experience.

In spite of the political turmoil and currency shortages experienced in Zimbabwe, the hospitality of the people and the thrill of hunting remote unfenced areas is as great as ever. Boundaries between hunting- and conservation areas are clearly defined by two-track roads, word-of-mouth and a description of a particularly large Mopane tree.

Hunting in Zimbabwe is as good as it gets if you are interested in hunting Cape buffalo, sable and leopard on the same hunt.
Join John and Debbie Hunt of Georgia Safaris on your hunting in Zimbabwe safari of a lifetime.

Hunting areas in Zimbabwe with Georgia Safaris

The main hunting areas in Zimbabwe John and Debbie hunt are the family ranch, Georgia, situated South of Bulawayo, the Gwanda region and further South towards the Beit Bridge region, West Nicholson.

Georgia Ranch is situated a short drive South of the well-known Matopos. Matopos are a number of granite rock hills that reminds one of the heads of old tribesmen – bald and shiny. This region is known in the international hunting fraternity to produce big Tom leopard on a consistent basis.

Gwanda is in the Mopane belt region and slightly further South from Georgia Ranch. Gwanda is a bustling city on the main route from Vic Falls to Beit Bridge the international boundary between South Africa and Zimbabwe. This region consistently produces big leopard migrating between Zimbabwe and Botswana.

West Nicholson is the first settlement encountered between Beit Bridge and Gwanda. This used to be a small mining community but due to a variety of different reasons much of the mining has come to naught. Fortunately, this region is extremely remote allowing access to great Cape buffalo and leopard hunting sites along the Limpopo river.


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