Hunting in North West Province South Africa

Hunting in North West Province South Africa


Hunting in North West Province includes hunting in the famed Kalahari semi-desert region.


We hunt in North West for a wide variety of plains game and dangerous game. We conduct most of our lion hunts and Cape buffalo hunts in North West South Africa.

Hunting in North West Province South Africa


Hunting in North West Province South Africa is literally where you will be hunting. The North West province of South Africa derives its name from its geographical location.

North West Province is situated (you guessed it) in the North western part of South Africa.  This province shares its borders with:

  • Botswana, an independent, well-off African country to the North
  • The Limpopo Province to the East
  • Gauteng Province to the South East
  • The Free State to the South
  • The Northern Cape to the West, and it
  • Fringes on the outskirts of the start of the Kalahari semi desert

One of the best-known attractions in the North West province is Sun City, an upscale vacation resort with four hotels and a water park. Sun City hosts the annual Million Dollar golf tournament attracting the best golfers from around the world.

Adjacent to Sun City is Pilanesberg National Park consisting of an extinct volcano that plays host to the Big 5 (African elephant, lion, leopard, Cape buffalo and rhino). A variety of other animals that occurred naturally in that region were reintroduced in the 1980’s.

The North West province is known as the Platinum Province due to the wealth of its platinum mineral deposits. Platinum mines are the single largest employers to serve their province.

Mahikeng is the capital city. Mahikeng used to be known as Mafeking and thereafter as Mafikeng before receiving its current name.


During the Anglo Boer War between South Africa and the British (1899 – 1902) an important siege took place at Mahikeng where the Boers (South Africans) held the British to siege until Robert Baden-Powell led the British to a decisive victory. Baden-Powell later became the founder of the Boy Scouts movement.

The North West province has a wide variety of game animals that can be hunted due to the topography. Many animals can be sustained between the large rolling open fields, hill country and semi-desert regions.

Most of the larger trophy size South African springbok and gemsbok are produced from this region. The dry arid areas to the far West of the province receive less than 10” of rain per annum. Wells are deep and have to be maintained consistently to sustain large herds of game and livestock.

Some of the larger game ranches host the Big 5. In these dry regions properties have to be larger than usual to support animals with a poor yield of vegetation. Properties in excess of 20 000 acres are not uncommon.

Hunting North West Province is as safe as houses – apart from hunting dangerous game. North West is considered a malaria free region.
A few of our hunting concessions are close to the revered Pilanesberg National Park and Sun City Hotel complex. If you happen to stay at either of these institutions we will be able to assist you with day hunting trips.

North West Province hunting areas

We have access to a number of different hunting areas in North West South Africa. Some of the hunting areas are near Pilanesberg National Park. Time permitting, a visit to this world renowned sub 1 million acre Big 5 game preserve can be undertaken.

All our hunting concessions have sufficient plains game and dangerous game populations allowing for a bigger than average opportunity at a successfully hunt.   

Best time of year for hunting North West

Best time of year for hunting North West South Africa are during the drier months. The drier months are from May to October. Many hunting areas in North West Province are typical bushveld, with semi-desert regions in the Kalahari.

Animals available in North West Province

We prefer to hunt all game on the same property we are hunting. These are the animals available:


Plains game hunting North West

Blesbok – common


Blue wildebeest



Red hartebeest
Cape buffalo Roan antelope – tag required

Duiker Sable




Tsessebe – tag required

Hippo – tag required




Kudu Zebra – common


Dangerous game hunting North West
Black rhino Elephant
Cape buffalo Leopard
Lion White rhino

Hunting areas

Bushveld hunting North West

Most regions for hunting in the eastern North West Province can be considered as bushveld hunting.

Trophy animals available for hunting in North West province include (but are not limited to):

  • dangerous game like elephant, lion, rhino, Cape buffalo and leopard
  • plains game like impala, springbok, red lechwe, gemsbok, steenbok, duiker, kudu, red hartebeest, eland, zebra, giraffe, sable, roan, nyala and a variety of other game species.


Hunting in the Kalahari

Hunting in the Kalahari region is mainly for hunting lions, Cape buffalo, sable, limited numbers of nyala but springbok and gemsbok by the dozen.

Mixed bushveld is in the order of the day. Numerous old Camel Thorn Trees (Acacia erioloba) occur the further West you travel. Mixed bushveld dissipates to rocky outcrops with low shrub towards the far western parts of North West. The North western parts of North West province make way to sandy, low shrub rolling dunes / flat lands with Camel thorn trees lining the horizon. These hardy trees produce large seed pods that supply sustenance to game and livestock alike.

Other critters available for hunting in the Kalahari are:

  • steenbok
  • duiker
  • bat-eared fox
  • caracal
  • Cape buffalo
  • brown hyena – subject to export as regulated by the USF&W Services
  • African lion – subject to export as regulated by the USF&W Services



Hunting near Sun City and Pilanesberg

A few of our hunting concessions are close to the revered Pilanesberg National Park and Sun City Hotel complex. If you happen to stay at either of these institutions, we will be able to assist you with day hunting trips.

Hunting information

Included in your North West hunting packages
  • Trophy fees for the specified animals
  • Hunting days as set out
  • Pick-up and drop-off at the Johannesburg international airport (known as the O.R. Tambo International Airport), or any hotel or guest house in Johannesburg or Pretoria
  • Accommodation during the hunt
  • Meals
  • Laundry
  • Services of a Professional Hunter
  • Services of a tracker / skinner
  • All tag fees
  • Use of our rifle is included if you do not bring your own
  • Ammunition can be replaced at cost
Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of your North West hunting:

  • $ 500 deposit required to secure your dates
  • Wounded animals not retrieved are bought and paid for
  • Observers are welcome to come along at $ 150 per observer per day
  • Please note this is a rifle hunt only.

Hunting packages North West Province

Rifle hunting packages

Hunting camps and hunting lodges in North West