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Cape buffalo cow hunt South Africa

Your Cape buffalo cow hunt

A Cape buffalo cow hunt is by no means any different to hunting a Cape buffalo. On the contrary, with young calves in a herd both hunter and Professional Hunter need to be alert. This is a guided hunt for African dangerous game and according to law the Professional Hunter needs a dangerous game hunting license.

Commonly referred to as one of the bitches of the bushveld (we tend to call them bad ladies in public) they usually act according to their nicknames. Known to have charged many a hunter unprovoked the hunter must have enough gun to stop a Cape buffalo cow charge. Cape buffalo cows are equally as dangerous as Cape buffalo bulls.

Cape buffalo cow vs Cape buffalo bull

We offer affordable Cape buffalo cow hunt packages that will enhance the feeling of being in danger while we ensure your and our safety. The Cape buffalo cow hunting prices are what you see. We do not charge you more because we take you to the best place to hunt Cape buffalo. We merely charge you the cost of the Cape buffalo hunting safari as advertised. Once you are picked up at the airport we will take care of you till we drop you off again at the end of your African Cape buffalo hunting safari.

Cape buffalo cow vs Cape buffalo bull. Minimum caliber for a Cape buffalo cow hunt, according to law is a minimum 375 caliber. This is the same as for hunting Cape buffalo bulls. The best caliber for Cape buffalo would be the largest caliber bigger than 375 you feel comfortable handling. We suggest any 400 caliber and bigger.

Note of caution

You will be guided by an experienced Professional Hunter on your Cape buffalo cow hunt. If a Cape buffalo cow charge happens, your hunting guide is obliged to protect human lives.

In the event a wounded Cape buffalo cow charges and breeches the personal safety zone of the hunting group, the PH must:

  • take preventative action and assist in shooting the Cape buffalo cow.
  • The Cape buffalo cow will be considered your trophy as per industry standards.

Mkulu African Hunting Safaris has never had such a situation but please be aware of the possibility. The previous sentence was true until November 2016 when we were charged by a wounded Cape buffalo. After the hunter wounded the buffalo, the PH had to take matters into his own hands and shot the buffalo three times. Please click the button below to read the full account of the hunt.


Cape buffalo cow hunt South Africa details

Cape buffalo cow hunt cost

The cost of the Cape buffalo cow hunt is             $ 6 000.

Depending on time of arrival we would suggest an overnight stay. The additional cost for this is $ 150 per person.

The Cape buffalo cow hunt prices are valid for 2019.

Package includes

Trophy fee for a one Cape buffalo cow.

Daily rates for 5 hunting days.

Pick-up and drop-off from the airport in Johannesburg.


Cost of observers

Observers are welcome at $ 750 for the duration of the hunt.

In the event of a late arrival we suggest an overnight stay. The additional cost for this is $ 150 per observer.

Gun scope

There are numerous gun scopes and gun scope brands available on the market. Choose the one you like best. The single most important issue is the gun scope must be able to withstand the recoil once you squeeze the trigger.

A 1.5 – 5 X 20 gun scope is sufficient for a Cape buffalo cow gun. Almost all Cape buffalo cows are hunted at sub 60-yard ranges. Gun scopes with larger ranges are not required.

If you are going to use the same rifle in future for other dangerous game hunts, then we recommend getting a very good gun scope like Leopold and or Swarovski.

Cape buffalo cow calibers

A 375 H&H or any other larger caliber is the minimum legal caliber to hunt dangerous game with in most African countries. We recommend calibers larger than 375 for Cape buffalo cow hunts.

375 vs 9,3 X 62? And also 375 vs 9,3 X 74? It is our opinion that that the 9,3 calibers are sufficient to hunt Cape buffalo cow. However, in South Africa the law is 375 is the minimum caliber to hunt dangerous game.

From the above we suggest the following calibers for hunting Cape buffalo cow:

  • 375
  • 416 Rigby
  • 416 Rem
  • 45-70
  • 458 Lott
  • 460 Weatherby
  • 470 NE
  • 50 X 100
  • 500 A-Square
  • 500 Jeffrey
  • 505 Gibbs
  • 577 or any other large bore caliber that you can shoot with confidence.
Cape buffalo cow hunts

Cape buffalo cow shot placement

Broadside shot

Place the shot on the shoulder in line with the front leg, one third of the way up from the start of the chest to the top of the back. Such a shot should lead to a high heart shot.

Quartering to

Aim for the inside of the closer shoulder so the shot can penetrate the vital organs.

Quartering away

If not quartering away too much: bisect the angle formed by the front legs and place the shot one third of the distance between the bottom of the chest and the top of the back. A shot from the left of the buffalo cow will have a better effect because of the location of the liver.

Facing to shot

Aim for the center of the chest just above the brisket. Head shots must be avoided as far as possible partly due to the relatively small brain area. If the shot is too high the horns will absorb the energy of the projectile giving a miserable animal a bad head-ache.

Gallery of Cape buffalo cow trophy hunting pictures

Cape buffalo cow hunt South Africa
Cape buffalo cow hunting package

Cape buffalo cow hunting video

Our Cape buffalo cow hunt South Africa packages:


  • Accommodation while hunting
  • All land transport for the duration of the hunt
  • Laundry at all the hunting lodges
  • Bottled water
  • Soft drinks
  • Meals
  • Alcoholic beverages in moderation
  • Services of a Professional Hunter
  • Services of a skinner / tracker
  • Daily rates for the duration of the hunt
  • Trophy fees of specified trophy animals
  • Field preparation of any hunting trophies
  • Delivery of your trophies to our preferred taxidermist


  • Items of a personal nature
  • All flights – international or otherwise
  • Gratuities
  • Taxidermy work
  • Dipping, shipping and crating of trophies
  • Cost of any trophy animals wounded and not recovered
  • Cost of trophy animals hunted outside and additional to the initial package

Details for rifle hunting in Africa


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The best caliber for hunting big game in Africa will be debated for many years to come. In the end the decision for which hunting rifle and caliber to bring to Africa for a South African hunting safari will lie with you.


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