Bow hunting kudu packages South Africa

Kudu bow hunting packages South Africa with Mkulu African Hunting Safaris.
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Bow hunting kudu packages South Africa

Trophy information

Bow hunting kudu packages South Africa are for the serious African bow hunter enthusiasts. Kudu are the most sought after and number one plains game animals to bow hunt.

These majestic, and sometimes mystic antelope, are also commonly known as the Gray Ghost. This nickname comes because of the ability of such a large antelope to disappear within what seems like two slow and unconcerned steps.

The most noteworthy item in kudu defense would be their rather large ears. It seems like they can hear an approaching hunter from the next county down the road. In addition to the large ears, kudu have exceptional eye-sight and smelling ability. Consequently, kudu are one of the most difficult animals to bow hunt of all plains game in South Africa.

Due to the above average abilities of kudu, we therefore decided to offer our kudu bow hunting packages with added spice. As a result, we are probably one of a few select African bow hunting safari Outfitters offering multiple choice trophies on a bow hunting kudu package South Africa. Therefore, please note that if you do not get your preferred bow hunting trophy because of any reason, alternative trophies will be on offer at the same price.

Hunt information

This will, first of all, increase your chances of a successful South African bow hunting safari. Secondly, you do not need to consult anyone apart from yourself to hunt a substitute animal.

Bow hunting in Africa is a dream for many bow hunters that must be experienced. In South Africa we have the widest variety of trophy animal species that can be bow hunted than in any other country or continent in the world.

Our bow hunting kudu packages South Africa are conducted in some of the most pristine bow hunting areas in South Africa. Are you thinking about it yet? Maybe you should let your arrows fly true and book a kudu bow hunting package today!

Your experienced Professional Hunter will assist in trophy quality judgment.

Kudu bow hunting packages South Africa are conducted from well-constructed bow hunting blinds. The bow hunting blinds are mostly elevated blinds constructed from treated timber, ground blinds and pit blinds. We mainly have thorny Acacia trees that will probably scrape the rust off a rust bucket before you even enter the tree. Consequently, we have very few tree stands on our bow hunting concessions.

Bow hunting kudu packages South Africa details

You can decide if you want to book a bow hunting kudu package on a 1X1 or a 2X1 basis. The difference between the two hunting packages are as follows:

  • a 1X1 hunt is when one hunter is guided by one Professional Hunter (PH). The pros to such a hunt is you get the undivided attention of your PH and no hunting time is wasted if your hunting buddy wounds an animal(s) that need to be tracked. The cons are it is slightly more expensive.
  • a 2X1 hunt is when two hunters are guided by one Professional Hunter (PH). The pros are it is slightly cheaper and the cons are you could end up wasting your hunting time if your hunting buddy wounds several animals that need to be tracked.

Please note the difference in the pricing structure below of our kudu bow hunting packages South Africa.

1 X 1 kudu bow hunt package

Trophy fees included for the following:

kudu, OR an eland, OR a waterbuck

blue wildebeest OR a zebra


two warthogs

Daily rates for 7 hunting days

Cost of a 1 X 1 bow hunting kudu package South Africa for 2018 is $ 6 450

Depending on time of arrival we may have to spend the first night in Pretoria. The cost of this is $ 150 per person.

2 X 1 kudu bow hunt package

Each can hunt a kudu, OR an eland, OR a waterbuck

Bow hunt a blue wildebeest OR a zebra per hunter

Hunt one impala per hunter

Draw the bow for two warthogs per hunter

Daily rates for 10 hunting days

Cost of a 2 X 1 bow hunting kudu package South Africa for 2019 is $ 5 950

Depending on time of arrival we may have to spend the first night in Pretoria. The cost of this is $ 150 per person.


Observers are welcome to tag along at a total cost of $ 900 for the duration of the hunt.

Depending on time of arrival we may have to spend the first night in Pretoria. The additional cost for this is $ 150 per person.

Kudu bow hunting areas

We have access to several different kudu bow hunting concessions where you can bow hunt as much as your budget allows. This makes for a very good opportunity of you successfully bow hunting your kudu. One of our hunting concessions is in the proximity of the Pilanesberg National Park. Time permitting, a visit to this world renowned sub- one million acre game preserve can be undertaken.

All our bow hunting concessions have sufficient kudu and other game populations.  Should we have difficulty with one of the target species, we have back-up plans in place.

What other animals can you bow hunt

Below is a list of other animals you can bow hunt while busy with your kudu bow package. There might be an odd occasion where one or two of these animals may be present on a neighboring property. If that is the case we may have to drive there and back on the same day.

Please select the additional animals you would like to hunt outside your package. This will allow us ahead of time to arrange the correct property to bow hunt.

Please allow at least four weeks notice to apply for tags for those animals we need pre-issued tags. All the other animals can be hunted without government tags.

How to bow hunt kudu in South Africa

Bow hunter behavior

If you are an avid bow hunter you will know the suspense once you have settled in. Will the kudu come, will the kudu be close enough, will the biggest kudu bull present a shot, and so on.

If you have timber underfoot, make sure you know where the spots are that are going to creak if you step on them.

You are aware of what you need to do. The Professional Hunter that assists you can only offer advice. You need to draw, aim and squeeze the trigger on the release.

Our advice is to go through the exact same rituals as you would when bow hunting at home: when you come to full draw, take aim and let the arrow fly. It must be almost like shooting at a target and we know you will become excited. Take a deep breath and hunt your dream animal successfully.

A face mask helps a lot. Wear it. Once you see the kudu approaching you need to limit your movements to the bear minimum. Sit tight and wait for the most opportune moment before reaching for your bow.

Trophy kudu behavior

During the kudu rut (end April through mid-May), kudu bulls join cow herds. Typically, there will probably be between nine and 15 individuals in the herd. Juveniles tend to act their age and run to the water and feed. Cows follow with caution along with young bulls. Old, mature kudu bulls become old because they are not stupid. Consequently, they are at the back of the herd and will join the herd at the feed when they are convinced there is no danger.

This is when the waiting game begins. Wait until the bull presents a shot before considering taking the shot. Remember, most animals move around and shove at the feeder.

One most critical issue that you must adhere to is to look at the shot placement diagram as much as possible. Memorize it – the vitals on African game are situated well forward from where North American hunters are used to placing their arrows.

Relax and take a well-placed shot. Enjoy the hunt.

Bow hunting equipment for bow hunting kudu

Please follow this link to get an idea of what equipment is recommended

  • Recommended draw weight for bow hunting kudu
  • Kinetic Energy (KE) for bow hunting kudu
  • Best broad heads
  • Arrow information
  • Average expected shooting distance
  • Shot placement
  • Shot placement diagram
  • Best time of year to bow hunt kudu
  • Kudu bow hunting tips
Kudu hunting packages South Africa

Images of bow hunting blinds South Africa

Pit blind South Africa
Bow hunting blind South Africa
South African bow hunting blind
Pit blind South Africa
South African bow hunting blind
Elevated bow hunting blind

Bow hunting kudu packages South Africa:


  • Accommodation while hunting
  • All land transport for the duration of the hunt
  • Laundry at all the hunting lodges
  • Bottled water
  • Soft drinks
  • Meals
  • Alcoholic beverages in moderation
  • Services of a Professional Hunter
  • Services of a skinner / tracker
  • Daily rates for the duration of the hunt
  • Trophy fees of specified trophy animals
  • Field preparation of any hunting trophies
  • Delivery of your trophies to our preferred taxidermist


  • Items of a personal nature
  • All flights – international or otherwise
  • Gratuities
  • Taxidermy work
  • Dipping, shipping and crating of trophies
  • Cost of any trophy animals wounded and not recovered
  • Cost of trophy animals hunted outside and additional to the initial package

Bow hunting packages South Africa

Bow hunting in South Africa 2020


Our Hunting in Africa prices are now confirmed to be the same for the third year in a row. The best affordable South African hunting safari prices for what you get!

Draw weights

Here is a comprehensive list of draw weights per bow hunting trophy animal. The KE values are supplied for your reference. Enjoy your hunt and we hope you have many arrows in the air.


After 24 years in the safari hunting and safari vacation business environment we know we offer some the best South African safari hunting packages available in the South African hunting safari industry.