How to import your bow

How to import your bow for sport hunting in South Africa is as easy as 1-2-3. To import a bow to South Africa for sport hunting purposes requires no official paper work.

We suggest you get a very good bow case for your bow to travel to South Africa. Luggage handlers may not always handle your bow hunting gear with the respect it deserves.

Once you report to your port of exit to South Africa, declare your bow with the airline. Upon arrival in South Africa the bow case will be transferred to the police station inside the arrivals hall. A short detour from the arrivals hall will take you direct to the police where you collect your bow case.

Please mark your bow case clearly with whatever means you have. Stickers, banners or paint. This makes it clearly recognizable it the bow case is at the airport with many other bow cases of similar shape and size.

Cost to import your bow

The cost to import your bow for a South African bow hunting safari is zero. You check your bow as checked luggage.

Upon arrival in Johannesburg you collect your bow at the South African Police Service (SAPS) office inside the arrivals terminal.

Paper work for importing your bow

No official paper work is required to import your hunting bow to South Africa. A letter of invitation to bow hunt over here is standard but will not be required to be seen by the South African Police.

Which draw weight will be required

A full list of recommended (and legal) draw weights can be found by following this link

Tips for bow hunting in South Africa

Our bow hunting takes place from blinds or hides. Locally we tend to refer to blinds. The blinds are well constructed and are mostly placed in such a manner that the sun or wind will have adverse effects on your hunt. But let it be known there will always be a day of so that nothing seemingly works well. We do not regulate the weather.

Best time of year for bow hunting in South Africa

The best time of year for bow hunting South Africa is during the drier months. These months are from May through September and many times well into October.

Bow blinds are over established water holes with sufficient feeders to attract your dream trophy. Land owners know which animals prefer which water holes allowing us the biggest opportunity at getting your dream trophy.

We recommend June, July, August, September and October as being the best time of year for bow hunting South Africa.

Average bow shot distance

The average expected bow shot distance is between 19 and 23 yards. Of course you will be expected to take slightly longer or slightly shorter shots as the situation arises.

There is plenty of time to take videos of your bow hunt. Please bring your video camera along.

Bow hunting warthogs in South Africa
How to import a bow for hunting in South Africa

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