Bow hunting trophy animals South Africa

Bow hunting trophy animals South Africa

In the text below we have a bow hunting trophy animals South Africa list. The list of trophy animals you can legally, and successfully bow hunt feature the most popular African animals to bow hunt. Mkulu African Hunting Safaris make a living from bow hunting South Africa.

Click on every individual bow hunting trophy animal to learn more about bow hunting your favorite trophy.

Some of the bow hunting trophies South Africa may not be hunted with a bow. These animals are the African elephant, rhinos, and in some provinces, leopard.

Other restrictions apply to animals that need a special tag before they are hunted. The animals that need special tags include, but are not limited to:

  • Roan antelope
  • Tsessebe
  • Caracal
  • Mountain zebra
  • Sable in some provinces
  • Giraffe in some provinces


Bow hunting South Africa safaris

Mkulu African Hunting Safaris offer excellent African archery hunts on superb bow hunting properties. Our African bow hunting safari packages are value-for-money hunts. The bow hunting packages are flexible by way of the variety of trophy animals we offer in the same package deal at no extra cost.

Consider the bow hunting trophy animals South Africa list, decide which ones you cannot live without. Give us a call.

We bow hunt Cape buffalo from a blind. We bow hunt Cape buffalo by means of walk-and-stalk. It is your choice.

List of trophy bow hunting animals

Trophy animals available for bow hunting South Africa

If there is an animal you wish to bow hunt that does not appear in our information pack below, please contact us.

If you are prepared to do some traveling we will be able to add the following species to your plains game bow hunting list:

  • Black wildebeest
  • Bushbuck
  • Klipspringer
  • Lechwe – red
  • Mountain reedbuck
  • Springbok
  • Tsessebe

Bow hunting plains game in South Africa

What plains game animals

Below is a list of plains game animals available for bow hunting in South Africa. We need special tags for some of these animals. Allow 4 weeks notice to apply for the tags before the hunt commences.

Gemsbok bow hunting
Warthog bow hunting
Kudu bow hunting
Zebra bow hunting

Plains game bow hunting packages South Africa

Below are our most popular plains game bow hunting packages South Africa. Choose the one that suits your desire most. Let us put you in the correct spot at the correct time and you do the rest.

Bow hunting dangerous game South Africa

Below are our most popular dangerous game bow hunting packages. You may add additional plains game and dangerous game to your package with no penalties.

Animals of opportunity

These are animals that we happen to come across while hunting (baboon and jackal) and are usually not charged for. The only two instances that we charge a fee for these animals would be:

  1.    when a hunter specifically requests to hunt one or both of these animals as a trophy, and
  2.    if a landowner has a price tag on them.

If circumstances allow and one or both of them come to the bow hunting hide you may harvest that animal at no additional fee. As a primate, baboons are subject to CITES import- and export regulations.

Bow hunting prices

This is our very reasonable prices for bow hunting African game. Hunting takes place in South Africa on bow hunting only properties.

Draw weights and KE

Here is a comprehensive list of suggested draw weights and KE suggestions per individual animal. These are draw weights and KE for bow hunting plains game and dangerous game.

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