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Bow hunting jackal South Africa

This is a purely by chance hunt. We will only bow hunt jackal if and when they arrive at a bow hunting blind.

Bow hunting jackal in South Africa usually happens in the early morning and late afternoon when these wily animals return from a hunt or are on their way to hunt.

Bow hunting jackal South Africa is mainly done as a service to the farmer. These wily animals can cause severe damage to the smaller antelope populations during dry seasons. When jackal teach themselves (and other jackal) to catch offspring of steenbok, duiker, impala and blesbok they never seem to un-teach themselves resulting is severe stock losses over time.

Jackal are smaller than cayotes and possibly the same size as dingos. If anyone with more experience can please let us know about the size difference between jackal and dingo we would appreciate it.

Jackal are not only wily, they are also weary. Once caught out by anything they will seldom react to the same call soon. The best place to bow hunt jackal from is from a blind. Taking longer shots the bow hunter must remember that jackal tend to jump the string.

The body size of jackal are such that mechanical broad heads can be used. Damage to the cape / skin can be rather extensive and if you have micro heads these can be more usefull.

Mostly farmers appreciate us harvesting jackal as they are considered vermin in most areas. Jackal run up a killing frenzy specially when amongst sheep, killing several while only feeding on portions of a solitary carcass. Very few land owners charge us for shooting jackal but in the event they do, we charge $ 100 for a jackal as a trophy fee. You will be informed prior to the hunt commencing if jackal are free or not.

These are animals of opportunity and we do not actively go on bow hunting safaris for jackal only.

Information on bow hunting jackal South Africa

Jackal bow hunting prices

The jackal bow hunting prices 2020 South Africa is $ 100 if we are charged a trophy fee.

A trophy fee is mostly not required as most farmers appreciate us controlling jackal numbers.

Draw weight bow hunting jackal

The recommended draw weight for bow hunting jackal in South Africa is any increment greater than minimum draw mass. Any draw weight equal to or greater than 40 lb is recommended for bow hunting jackal.

Kinetic energy (KE) required

The minimum kinetic energy (KE) required for bow hunting jackal is 40 ft / lb.

Arrow information

A minimum arrow velocity of 245 fps is suggested for bow hunting jackal in South Africa.

A minimum arrow weight of 300 grains (gr) is suggested for bow hunting jackal in Africa.

Average shot distance

Average shooting distance when bow hunting jackal in South Africa from our bow hunting blinds are seldom further away than 19 to 25 yards from the jackal. Jackal are prone to jumping the string so remember to aim slightly lower than the intended point of impact.

Broad heads

Suggested broad heads for bow hunting jackal in South Africa would be a minimum of 100 grains (gr) to 125 grains (gr)

A cut on contact fixed 3-blade broad head

A slick trick 4-blade micro head

Rage II mechanical broad head

You decide which brand broad head you would like to use when bow hunting jackal.

Shot placement bow hunting jackal

Broadside shot

Jackal have a rather small area covering the vital organs for adequate shot placement.

Place the shot slightly below right on the shoulder of the jackal in line with the front leg, slightly less than one third of the way up from the bottom of the chest to the top of the back. This is to compensate for jumping the string.

This shot should result in a high heart / lung shot leading to the jackal expiring in the least amount of time.

Quartering to shot

On a quartering to shot it is recommended to place the arrow midway between the angle formed by the front legs, approximately where the neck joins the brisket.

Quartering away shot

On a quartering away shot care should be taken not to attempt to have the arrow penetrate through too much stomach content. Place the arrow in a spot bisecting the angle formed by the front legs into a position one third of the way up from the bottom of the brisket to the top of the back.

Tips for bow hunting jackal South Africa

The following tips for bow hunting jackal are done from the perspective of still hunting from a blind.

Jackal usually come in to water early in the mornings and then for a second round from just before dusk on their way to hunt at about 5:30 pm during our winter months.

Jackal come to water cautiously and weary the whole time. Due to the availability and vermin status of these animals they are one of the most popular animals to bow hunt in South Africa.

Best time of year to bow hunt jackal

Any time! We can and do bow hunt jackal from January to December.

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