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We hunt dangerous game and big game in southern Africa

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Memories in your hunting safari pictures

Apart from your trophies your African hunting safari pictures will remind you of a great hunt in Africa.

It is our mission to ensure that the quality of the hunting pictures we take have to be of the highest quality. We make sure that every picture is in focus. We do not cut off the rifle barrel or a potion of the animal when taking that ultimate picture.

Background on your African hunting safari pictures is very important. Avoid having the hunting vehicle in the background. Try and have no shadows falling across the picture frame. Take pictures from different angles to try and compensate for a two-dimensional image. Take several pictures from the same angle. Sometimes the hunter, or anyone else has his / her eyes closed when the picture is taken.

Make sure of the position of the sun before you set up the animal. We want maximum sunlight and exposure on the animal and the hunter. With auto-focus, many cameras will focus on the closest object in the picture.

Taking beautiful African hunting safari pictures

Make sure there are no protruding branches, twigs or grass stems in the way. Another option to assist the camera on focusing the complete picture is to move away from the trophy and zoom in from there.

You have an opportunity of you creating your own African hunting safari pictures with an African wildlife photo safari. The African wildlife photo safari tours are conducted in areas where we can reasonably expect to find fantastic photo opportunities. These images will certainly take you back many years after returning home.

Lastly, we also have African hunting videos on YouTube. These African hunting videos put words to pictures. It portrays emotion that cannot be conveyed in pictures alone. The YouTube hunting videos serve as an important marketing tool if you have customers you want to treat on any African hunting safari.

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