Hunting giraffe in South Africa

Hunting giraffe in South Africa with the best African giraffe hunters

Hunting giraffe in South Africa is for the hunter who is looking for a unique trophy. The skin of a giraffe is big enough for a sofa, or a number of rifle bags and or suitcases.

Sometimes big bull giraffe start killing off their competition on the same property. Therefore we hunt giraffe to protect the future giraffe generations.

Giraffe hunting in Africa

Giraffe hunting in Africa is a plains game hunting experience to look forward to because it is a challenging hunt.

These exceedigly tall animals have no trophy value but make for extreme hunt trying to place a perfect shot. The skin of a giraffe is 1,5 to 2” thick at the base of the neck and takes the better part of most of a day to skin.

The back skin of a giraffe is approximately the size of a full cattle hide.

Contrary to popular belief, giraffes are not docile animals. Giraffe have killed lions and humans alike.

Giraffe are the tallest animals in the world reaching a height of up to 18 ft., or 5,5 m with an average height of 16 ft. (5 m) for bulls. The long neck accounts for much of the height. The heart of a giraffe weighs in at almost 35 lb. (17 kg) and needs a very unique blood pressure control system to convey the blood to the top of the head.

Conversely, when giraffe lower their heads to drink, the blood gushing to the head must be regulated to prevent any veins from being over-pressurized.

Giraffe fun facts

Giraffe scientific name: Giraffa camelopardalis

Big giraffe bulls can draw the scale down to an average body weight of 2 600 lb. (1 200 kg)

Females drop the scale to around 1 750 lb. (800 kg) to 1 980 lb. (900 kg). Giraffe have a tan colored skin with patches surrounded by white markings.

Both giraffe bulls and cows have horns – however, horns are defined as calcium covered with keratin, thus disqualifying (strictly spoken) giraffe as having horns as their horns are covered with skin. In everyday discussions, it is still referred to as horns; therefore, we will refer to the growths as horns.

Hunting giraffe in South Africa is for the hunter who has a little extra space available in his / her / their trophy room. Giraffe mounts are mostly from the shoulder upwards and are made to stand in a corner peering down at passers-by. Such a mount is in the region of 7 ft tall but takes up surprising little space. The only issue would be if your ceiling is high enough to accommodate it other than by the staircase.

To differentiate between bulls and cows note the following:

bulls have straight, thick horns that are (as usual) bald on top, and

cows have thinner horns that are usually crooked with tufts of hair sticking up above the horn tips.

Best caliber for hunting giraffe in South Africa

The best caliber for hunting giraffe in South Africa is a large bore rifle that you can shoot accurately and feel comfortable using. 

The following are the best calibers for hunting giraffe in South Africa:

375 H&H (because it is a legal requirement). Soft nose ammunition is fine but only use premium grade ammunition. This is a very large frame animal that needs a lot of penetration to reach the vitals.

45-70, 416 Rigby 

458 Lott and any other compareable caliber.

375 H&H is the legal minimum caliber to hunt giraffe with.

Best caliber for hunting giraffe in South Africa
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Giraffe hunting prices South Africa

The cost to hunt giraffe in South Africa for the 2021 and 2022 South African hunting season is $ 2 550.

Huge discounted giraffe hunts for 2022. Our price cuts constitute an enormous 13% reduction in our giraffe hunting price.

Giraffe hunting prices South Africa

Hunting giraffe in South Africa shot placement

Shot placement when hunting giraffe has to be precise to avoid any suffering on the part of the animal. Fortunately due to the size and the short shot distance very few mistakes are made and all shot placements are very accurate.

Study the shot placement recommendations below and compare it to the shot placement picture to familiarise yourself on exactly where to place our shot once in the field.

Giraffe broadside shot

The shot should be placed 11″ back and in line with the tip of the hump formed on the chest. Shot height to be followed in line with the front leg. This shot should lead to a high heart shot, low lung shot.

Alternatively, a very good shot placement area is right behind the shoulder approximately midway between the brisket and the back. This will be a good lung shot.

Quartering away

If you are hunting giraffe and you only have a quartering away shot – do not attempt this shot placement.

The sheer mass of the animal will prevent your projectile from reaching the vitals to ensure a clean kill shot.

Facing on

Giraffe facing on shot placement: place the shot where the bottom of the throat meets the chest. Two lumps are formed on the chest of the animal. Place the shot in the center of the lumps.

Quartering away

If you are hunting giraffe and you only have a quartering away shot – do not attempt this shot placement.

The sheer mass of the animal will prevent your projectile from reaching the vitals to ensure a clean kill shot.

Giraffe shot placement picture

Hunting giraffes in Africa shot placement

Hunting giraffe in South Africa video

Hunting giraffe in South Africa, or any other African country for that matter, is mostly frowned upon. However, hunting a giraffe is not for the sake of killing an animal that looks like a gentle giant.

Giraffe are extremely dangerous animals that kill opponents who seem to be a threat to their personal domain and harem. Older bulls will bash their heads on the flanks of the challenger to the stage where internal organs burst due to the sudden impact of a head the size of three footballs that weighs about 30 – 40 pounds.

Giraffe can successfully defend themselves when they are hunted by lions. A well-aimed kick at the head or body of a full-grown male lion will certainly disable the lion temporarily, or permanently.

Humans should never approach giraffes on foot to within a few feet of the animal. They have lightning fast kicks that will put you in hospital or in your grave. Hunting giraffe in South Africa is mostly to protect the future giraffe generations on a particular property.

With older wiser bulls killing younger animals the old bulls are hunted to create new opportunities for upcoming generations. Giraffe hunting is not done every day, but when it happens it is for a specific reason. Hunting giraffe in South Africa is for the conservation of wildlife on the long run.


Gallery of giraffe trophy hunting pictures

General information on hunting giraffe in South Africa

Hunting giraffe in South Africa is an astonishing hunt. Giraffe are the tallest land animals that live in harmony with other plains game species like blue wildebeest, zebra and impala.

Whenever a giraffe starts staring at any particular spot, other giraffes will follow suit. Soon all other game in the vicinity sense something is amiss and soon there will be no animals close by to hunt.

Giraffe have the best blood pressure system of all land animals. Letting their heads down for a drink rushes many quarts of blood to the brain without causing an aneurysm. Yet, when a giraffe lifts his head it will not suffer dizziness with many quarts of blood draining back into the system.

Giraffes are partial to Senegalensis trees (formerly known as Acacia trees) for sustenance. Open areas with many trees will be ideal habitat for giraffes to be found in.

Make sure you are prepared for taking a quick shot: shooting from shooting sticks, lying down while taking a shot, taking a shot from a tree and even from the tracker’s shoulder.

Enjoy your hunt. Be sure. Be safe and know where your rifle shoots.

Handy hints and tips on hunting giraffe

Tips on hunting giraffe in South Africa

Larger giraffe herds are more difficult to stalk due to every member of the giraffe herd being alert most of the time. Solitary bulls can become docile at times only when they realize something is different. Then you are in for a hunt.

Archery hunting giraffe is can be set up. In such a case you can bow hunt giraffe from a hide or blind.


Best time of year for giraffe hunting

Traditionally the bush is rather dense during our summer months from November to April. From June to August the bush starts to recede rather quickly. During September and October the daily temperatures start rising while the bush recedes to a minimum.

The best time of year to hunt giraffe in South Africa is:when you are here

We hunt giraffe from January to December.

Average giraffe shot distance

The average expected shooting distance when hunting Giraffe in South Africa is 30 to 50 yards depending on the terrain you are hunting in. This is one of the more difficult hunts as they always seem to see you approaching on any stalk no matter how careful you are.

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