How to book your South African hunting safari

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This is how you go about to book your South African hunting safari:

  • make and commit yourself to book your South African hunting safari
  • contact Mkulu African Hunting Safaris with your request
  • once you have decided which hunting package you would like to book, confirm it with us
  • make sure your passport will be valid for at least six (6) months after your departure date
  • if you are bringing along children under the age of 18 make sure you have their unabridged birth certificate with you
  • decide on which caliber rifles you want to bring along
  • download the US Customs 4470 from here and have it stamped at your closest port of entry in the USA
  • download the SAPS 520 from here, ask our staff to send you an example of how to fill out the SAPS 520
  • book your airline ticket – make sure you are NOT flying with British Airways as they do NOT transport firearms – do not book flights via The Netherlands as they do NOT allow firearms into their country – if flying via Germany you need their Police clearance application forms that are only available in German
  • remember to inform your employer you will be away
  • wait for the day of departure and finally arrive for the best hunt of your life

For more information and frequently asked questions about hunting in South Africa, please visit the FAQ’s section on this website.