Hunting vaal rhebok in South Africa

Hunting vaal rhebok in South Africa

Hunting vaal rhebok and hunting gray rhebuck South Africa is hunting for the exact same animal. An interesting fact about Vaal rhebok is South Africa is the only country in the world where vaal rhebok occur naturally. Even within South Africa these animals are highly localized. Contact us for the best vaal rhebok hunting areas and tremendous trophy quality. Vaal rhebok are also commonly referred to as Gray rhebok, or even Gray rhebuck and Grey rhebuck. Whichever suits your specific liking best is the one to use.

It is our opinion that this is the most challenging antelope to hunt of all antelope species in South Africa. This nimble smaller size antelope must have one of the sharpest sets of eyes known to the antelope society. What the hunter usually sees is a white fluffy tail bobbing in the distance (sometimes even a half mile away).

One of the hunting methods is to have a flask of coffee and some sandwiches while setting yourself up on a good vantage point and being prepared to glass the surrounding mountain sides sometimes for hours on end. Once a small herd of vaal rhebok have been spotted the utmost care should be taken when making any movements. Even the slightest movement will alert these high strung antelope into running away from the hunter, again. Flat shooting calibers are a must on a vaal rhebok hunting trip.

Is it Vaal rhebok, Gray rhebok, Vaal rhebuck OR Gray rhebuck

This has to be somewhat confusing but it’s all in the name.

In the local Afrikaans language, bok refers to antelope. Any antelope. However it specifically does NOT refer to the antelope being a male or female.

The English language (I think) uses the term buck – which in most cases refers to a male deer. In South African English buck refers to an antelope (bok) but not to the sex of the animal.

Vaal refers to a dull color. This in turn refers to the color of the Vaal rhebok which literally translates to: Dull colored rhebok.

Therefore, in South Africa a Vaal rhebok, Gray rhebuck, Vaal rhebuck AND Gray rhebok are all the same animal depending on your preference.

If you are still confused nobody will hold it against you.

Vaal rhebok hunting prices

The vaal rhebok hunting prices South Africa for the 2020 hunting season is     $ 2 550.

Ammunition for hunting vaal rhebok in South Africa

We recommend you use premium grade ammunition only like Barnes TTSX, Sierra and Woodleigh.

Gun scope for hunting vaal rhebok in South Africa

A very good 3 – 12 X 50 gun scope is sufficient.

Make sure of the following:

  • your new rifle scope must be able to withstand the recoil of your rifle
  • that you can use the scope for multiple hunts elsewhere

Purchase the best scope you can reasonably afford.

Hunting vaal rhebok prices
Caliber for hunting Vaal rhebok in South Africa

The best caliber is a medium bore rifle that you can shoot accurately and feel comfortable using. The chances of a sub-100 yard shot are rather slim. You will definitely need a flat shooting caliber that will test your shooting skills.

We suggest the following calibers as the best calibers for hunting vaal rhebok:

Vaal rhebok hunting caliber

Vaal rhebok shot placement

Hunting vaal rhebok shot placement
Broadside shot

A broadside shot on vaal rhebok: the shot should be placed behind the shoulder in line with the front leg and almost two thirds of the way up from the bottom of the brisket to the top of the back. Alternatively, place the shot right on the shoulder of the vaal rhebok about one third of the way between the brisket and the top of the back.

Quartering to

Unless you are an expert marksman, rather avoid this shot.

Quartering away

Bisect the angle formed between the front legs, aim in the bottom third of the distance between the bottom of the chest and the top of the back of the vaal rhebok.

Facing on

This is a very small frame animal. Facing on shots should rather be avoided on shots in excess of 100 yards. Unless you are an expert shooter with the correct equipment.

Hunting vaal rhebok in South Africa general information

Hunting vaal rhebok in South Africa is hunting for a specialty antelope. Vaal rhebok only occur naturally in certain areas of South Africa. Very few people have ever seen a vaal rhebok. Very few people even know what a vaal rhebok looks like.

If you want to hunt a very special African antelope that almost nobody else has, then hunting a vaal rhebok is for you.

Vaal rhebok are small framed animals. They have absolutely delectable meat and make gorgeous, non-descript trophies. When in a herd be assured of the most challenging African antelope to hunt!

Enjoy your hunt. Be sure. Be safe.


Tips for hunting vaal rhebok in South Africa

Hunting Vaal rhebok is the most difficult antelope to hunt in South Africa. It has extremely good eyesight and is resident mainly in mountainous open terrain. Hunting Vaal rhebok (also known as Gray rhebuck) is a true test of skill, patience and shooting ability.

The open terrain that vaal rhebok inhabit allows it to literally see a potential hunter from a mile off. Hiking high into the mountains and then seeking a possible ambush point is one of the ways to hunt these non-descript animals.


Best time of year for hunting vaal rhebok in South Africa

We can and do hunt vaal rhebok from January to December.


Vaal rhebok hunting average shot distance

The average expected vaal rhebok shot distance in South Africa is 200+ yards (possibly up to 350 yards).

Vaal rhebok hunting tips

Vaal rhebok, Vaal rhebuck, Grey rhebok and Gray rhebuck

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