Hunting spotted hyena in South Africa

Hunting spotted hyena in South Africa

Hunting spotted hyena in South Africa with Mkulu African Hunting Safaris. Spotted hyena hunts have become very popular lately because of the mystery surrounding these predators. Spotted hyena are listed on the Threatened or Protected Species (TOPS) list according to the hunting laws and regulations in South Africa. In effect this means that we require a TOPS permit (tag) for hunting spotted hyena in South Africa.

There are several myths and mysteries surrounding spotted hyena and we hope to address the main issue in this regard.

Hyena hunting prices

Hyena hunting prices South Africa for the 2020 hunting season start at          $ 4 700-00.

This price will come down when you combine this hunt with a Cape buffalo hunt.

Interesting hyena facts

Spotted hyena scientific name: Crocuta crocuta

Spotted hyenas are hermaphrodites: fact or fiction

  • hermaphrodites are animals that are both male and female at the same time
  • there are a few animal species like fish and worms that are hermaphrodite
  • hyenas are not hermaphrodite
  • it is likely that the myth of hyenas being hermaphrodite started when people noticed that specimens with udders (indicating female sex) could develop phallic erections indicating they were hermaphrodite
  • without getting into too much detail, females have pseudo-penisses through which they urinate, copulate and give birth
  • hyenas develop phallic erections when greeting each other after extended absences
  • (source:
Ammunition for hunting spotted hyena

We recommend you only use premium grade ammunition when hunting spotted hyena in South Africa.

Our preferred ammunition manufacturer is Barnes TTSX in just about any weight. Other premium grade ammunition manufactures you can use would be Federal Premium, Nosler Partition, Sierra and others.

The reason we keep hammering on using premium grade ammunition is:

In South Africa if you shoot at an animal and blood is drawn, the animal is considered bought and paid for. If you use cheap ammunition that is inferior and causes blood to be drawn you pay even if we do not find it.

What you are looking for in premium grade ammunition is consistent performance. Petals must mushroom creating a wide wound channel leading to the animal expiring quickly.

Hyena hunting in Africa
Best gun scope for hunting duiker South Africa

There are numerous gun scopes and gun scope brands available on the market today. Leupold and Swarovski optics are certainly superior. However, purchase the optics you can afford.

The single most important issue is the scope must be able to withstand the recoil once you squeeze the trigger.

A good 2 – 12 X 50 gun scope should be sufficient for hunting duiker South Africa.

We are of the opinion that the best gun scope for duiker hunting is the one you have on your rifle. Use it effectively.

Caliber for hunting spotted hyena in South Africa

The best caliber to for hunting spotted hyena in South Africa is the one you know best. We can argue calibers from now till chickens grow teeth and still disagree. Why try and fix something that is not broke?

Use a medium- to large bore rifle that you can shoot accurately and feel comfortable using.

We consider the following as the best calibers for hunting spotted hyena in South Africa:

  • 270 using a minimum bullet weight of 150 gr traveling at a muzzle velocity at 2 700 feet per second (fps). Only use Barnes TTSX, Nosler Partition, Sierra GameKing, Federal Premium and other premium grade ammunition. When using a 270 on such a large animal, please be very sure of your shot placement.
  • 308 using a minimum bullet weight of 165 gr traveling at a muzzle velocity of about 3 000 feet per second (fps). Only use Barnes TTSX, Nosler Partition, Sierra GameKing, Federal Premium and other premium grade ammunition.
  • hunting spotted hyena with the greatest caliber on earth, the 30-06. Our best results have consistently come from using Barnes TTSX 150 gr ammunition at slightly shy of 2 800 fps.
  • 300 WSM and 300 WM or any other comparable calibers for hunting eland. Only use premium grade ammunition like Barnes, Nosler Partition, Federal Premium and others. For these two calibers use 165 gr and 180 gr anywhere between 3 130 fps and 2 950 fps.

The 300 calibers are usually not considered to be the best calibers for bushveld hunting. The possibility of having a deflection en-route to the target outweighs the full potential of these calibers. Rather reserve these guys for the open plains when hunting in the Free State.

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What is the best ammunition hunting hyenas in Africa
Are hyenas hermaphrodite

Hunting spotted hyena in South Africa shot placement

Hunting spotted hyena shot placement
Broadside shot

Shot placement on hyenas has two possibilities. General rule of thumb on a broadside shot is to place the shot directly behind the shoulder of the hyena, about halfway up from the bottom of the chest to the top of the back. This will lead to a definite lung shot.

According to previous generations the following was the rule: if you can eat it, shoot it behind the shoulder; if it can eat you, shoot it on the shoulder.

Place the shot right on the shoulder for a heart shot if you are presented with a perfect broadside shot.

Quartering to

Aim for the inside of the closer shoulder to allow the shot to penetrate the vital organs. Hyena shot placement with medium bore calibers usually ends well for the hunter. Do not take the shot if you are unsure about yourself.

Quartering away

Bisect the angle formed between the front legs, aim in the bottom third of the distance between the bottom of the chest and the top of the back of the hyena.

Hyenas are not the biggest kid on the block. If you use premium grade ammunition, a quartering away shot will work well.

Facing on

Put the shot in the center of the chest of the hyena where the throat joins the body.

Avoid head shots. The scull is part of your trophy.

Hunting spotted hyena in South Africa general information

Hunting hyenas in Africa is more of a specialty hunt. Usually hyena are hunted after the hunter has hunted most of his / her plains game wish list. Hyenas are commonly used in portraying a hunt where a leopard is in a tree being harassed by a hyena.

This hunt is as exciting as a leopard hunt.

Enjoy your hunt. Be sure. Be safe.


Tips when hunting spotted hyena in South Africa

There are two accepted methods of hunting spotted hyena in South Africa.

One is if you come across a hyena by chance and if you are quick enough to take the shot.

The second method is by baiting. Baits are set up at different places meant to attract hyenas. Drags with intestines are made to create a scent trail leading to the bait. Shots are mostly taken from a blind built between 60 and 80 yards from the bait.


Best time of year for hunting spotted hyena in South Africa

Best time of year for hunting spotted hyena in South Africa is during the colder time of year. This is uncomfortable if you have to sit in a blind for extended periods of time, but it mostly yields the best results. The bait used does not rot as quick during winter.

During September and October the daily temperatures start rising while the bush recedes to a minimum.

The best time of year for hunting hyenas in Africa is:

  • from late May to end October

We can and do hunt hyena from January to December.


Spotted hyena average shot distance

The average expected shot distance when hunting spotted hyena in South Africa is 60 to 80 yards.

Below is one of our hyena hunting videos

Thank you for watching. Experience the hunt with us!

30-06 for hunting hyenas in Africa

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