Hunting jackal South Africa with Mkulu Hunting Safaris

Black back jackal scientific name: Canis mesomelas

Hunting jackal South Africa with Mkulu African Hunting Safaris.


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Hunting jackal South Africa

Jackal scientific name: Canis mesomelas

Hunting jackal South Africa is assisting the farmer in most cases. There has only ever been one hunting ranch where a landowner did not want us to hunt the jackal.

Mkulu African Hunting Safaris rule of thumb with regards to jackal: if we do not pay for it you can shoot it for free if we come across it incidentally.

Jackal are mostly considered animals of opportunity. This means we often come across them and most farmers consider them vermin and request us to shoot them on sight.

If we are not on a stalk you are welcome to shoot it. These characters are not too unlike the NA coyotes. The body size of a jackal is slightly smaller than that of a coyote but in the end, they are liable for the same amount of stock damage if allowed to breed uncontrolled. Jackal can be called with a predator caller but will only be fooled once.

Jackal are monogamous and mate for life. They will take a new mate if their counterpart does not return from a hunt.

To hunt jackal can either be intensely difficult, or stupidly silly when they wander around with too much on their minds. These cunning and wily opponents become killing machines in a sheep corral when they run into a killing frenzy after tasting first blood.


Numerous sheep will be killed or maimed before eating a portion of a single carcass. To sheep farmers jackal are enemy number 1.

Jackal lure adults away from the young while their counterpart grabs young from behind. These unruly animals are very territorial and will defend their territories fiercely.

Up to six pups can be born per litter with the bitch weighing in at an average of 12 – 22 lb. (5,5 – 10 kg), and males pulling the scale down to an average of 15 – 24 lb. (6,8 – 11 kg).

Jackal are mainly nocturnal animals but are seen frequently during early mornings and late afternoons when they return to their dens. They live off almost anything edible, from fruits to mice, birds, small reptiles and carrion.

Their sad calls can be heard soon after sunset and when they found something to eat, attracting other jackal to the feast.

Professional jackal hunters call jackal with audio equipment sporting a variety of calls. Once a jackal announced his presence, a greeting will be played and soon after a challenge will be issued. Few jackal can withstand a challenge on their doorstep.

Information on hunting jackal in South Africa

Caliber to hunt jackal

The best caliber for hunting jackal in South Africa would be a medium bore rifle that you can shoot accurately and feel comfortable using. There are numerous calibers out there that will be able to effectively hunt jackal with and we wish not to get involved in debating on the merits of each.

Mkulu African Hunting Safaris suggests the following calibers as being the best calibers for hunting jackal in South Africa: the very first rifle you can lay your hands on! Other than that the following calibers work well:

  • 17 cal
  • 222
  • 22-250
  • 223
  • 243
  • 270
  • 30-06
  • 7 mm (all)
  • 300 WSM
  • 300 WM and any other comparable caliber
  • If on hand, a 12 ga shotgun works extremely well
Gun Scope

A good 2 – 12 X 50 gun scope should be sufficient for hunting jackal in South Africa due to a wide zoom range and a long eye relief which will allow for greater flexibility to view the cross-hairs quicker.

Average shooting distance

The average expected shooting distance when hunting Jackal in South Africa is 30 to 100+ yards depending on the terrain you are hunting in.

Jackal hunting prices

Jackal hunting price South Africa for the 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and now for the 2020 jackal hunting season is $ 100.

The only times you will be charged a trophy fee for hunting jackal are:

  • if we have to actively hunt jackal, and
  • if we are charged a fee

If we have no cost to hunt a jackal you are welcome to hunt it free of charge.

Ammunition for hunting jackal

Use whatever is in the chamber or magazine of your rifle. Jackal are incredibly wily and will spot any movement outright.

Take your rifle and shoot it.

Shot placement when hunting jackal

Broadside shot

Jackal are small frame animals. Place the shot anywhere in the chest region.

Quartering to shot

Jackal are small frame animals. Place the shot anywhere in the chest region.

Quartering away shot

Jackal are small frame animals. Place the shot anywhere in the chest region.

Facing to shot

Jackal are small frame animals. Place the shot anywhere in the chest region.

Gallery of jackal trophy hunting pictures

Tips for hunting jackal South Africa

Hunting jackal at night with a spotlight is mostly how it is done. Early in the mornings and late in the afternoons is when you can expect to come across the jackal in open areas, either on its way home, or going out to hunt. If a rifle is handy one is certain to get a shot at it. Predator calling only works until the jackal realizes they have been fooled; hereafter it will take some time before they respond to predator callers.

Best time of year for hunting jackal South Africa

The best time of year to hunt jackal is when you are here and you have a rifle in your hands. We hunt jackal from January to December.

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