Hunting caracal South Africa

Hunting caracal South Africa

Hunting caracal South Africa is doing a favor to most sheep farmers and to many game farmers. A large male caracal can hunt an impala male and only eat prime cuts from it. Same applies for other smaller game species like duiker, steenbok and rabbits. During the lambing season caracal can and will hunt juvenile animals such as blesbok and will even attempt to hunt juvenile red hartebeest. Caracal are extremely agile and can clear any fence up to 7 foot from a standing position.

Several bird species like guineas, francolin and ducks are preyed upon by this predator supplementing its varied dietary requirements. Farmers try to recover the cost of stock losses incurred from these mega hunters. Caracal are seldom seen during the day and predator callers can be used to attract them. At the smallest sense of danger, they will run away not to be seen again.

Caracal hunting prices South Africa

Our caracal hunting prices South Africa for the 2020 hunting season is            $ 1 250 if successful. This price includes a non-refundable tag fee of $50.

On some properties caracal are seen as vermin. In such a case landowners appreciate us hunting / exterminating them. In such a case if we have to apply for a tag prior to the hunt starting. If the tag is not filled, we can discuss the cost of the tag over a cold beer.

There are no cull hunts on caracal.

Interesting caracal facts

Caracal scientific name: Caracal caracal

Large caracal males stand as tall as knee high for the average man. They have a deep reddish-brown color, have a much lighter underbelly and long legs. Two striking features are the stubby tail and the tufts of black upright hair on both ears. Caracal are experts at climbing trees and will often climb trees to escape any form of danger.

Caracal hunt mainly at night, but have been noted to hunt birds during the day. They are opportunistic hunters that will take a wide variety of prey as and when encountered. Mice, birds, some reptiles, wildlife and livestock all form part of its diet.

The terrain in which caracal thrive is varied which assists in its ability to reproduce. 1 – 6 kittens are born mainly from October to March and they become independent after approximately 12 months of age. Caracal can be found in savannah- and mixed woodlands to high mountainous regions. Lack of permanent water sources does not influence the occurrence of these beautiful cats. Moisture is supplemented from prey taken.

Ammunition for hunting caracal

We recommend you only use premium grade ammunition when hunting caracal South Africa.

Our preferred ammunition manufacturer is Hornady and other soft point ammunition manufactures. Other premium grade ammunition manufactures you can use would be Federal Premium, Nosler Partition, Sierra and others.

The reason we keep hammering on using premium grade ammunition is:

In South Africa if you shoot at an animal and blood is drawn, the animal is considered bought and paid for. Mostly caracal that are shot at are recovered because of the small size of the animal. 

Many times we will have a shotgun handy if you feel unsure about taking a quick shot.

Hunting caracal with dogs South Africa
Best gun scope for hunting caracal South Africa

The best gun scope for hunting caracal is most likely the one you already have.

There are numerous gun scopes and gun scope brands available on the market today. It is our experience that the more costly gun scopes like Leupold and Swarovski optics certainly offer more than the average run-of-the-mill cheap stuff.

However, the single most important issue would be for the gun scope to withstand the recoil once you squeeze the trigger.

A good 2 – 12 X 50 gun scope is sufficient for hunting caracal South Africa.

Caliber for hunting caracal in South Africa

The best caliber rifle to hunt caracal in South Africa with is the one you know best. We can argue calibers from now till chickens grow teeth and still disagree. Why try and fix something that is not broke?

Use a small bore rifle that you can shoot accurately and feel comfortable using.

We consider the following as the best calibers for hunting caracal in South Africa:

  • 410 shotgun
  • 20 ga shotgun
  • 12 ga shotgun
  • 22 Hornet loaded with standard factory soft point ammunition of 45 gr. Those can be launched at a muzzle velocity of roughly 2 700 fps.
  • If you use other calibers, make sure NOT to use high velocity calibers like 7 mm Rem Mag, 300 Win Mag (WM) or 300 Remington Ultra Mag (RUM). These will absolutely destroy your trophy.
  • If your specific caliber can be loaded with monolithic solid bullets / projectiles then you are welcome to use them.

Follow this link for a comprehensive list of caliber recommendations

Caracal hunting caliber

Hunting caracal South Africa shot placement

Broadside shot

A broadside shot on caracal: the shot should be placed behind the shoulder in line with the front leg and almost two thirds of the way up from the bottom of the brisket to the top of the back. Alternatively, place the shot right on the shoulder of the caracal, half way between the brisket and the hump on top of the back.

Caracal shot placement when using a shotgun is rather easy: avoid shooting the scull.

Quartering to

Aim for the inside of the closer shoulder of the caracal, halfway way between the bottom of the brisket and the top of the back.

Quartering away

Depending on what caliber you are using a quartering away shot on caracal will be fine in most cases.

Facing on

Place the shot in the center of the chest of the caracal where the throat joins the chest. Avoid those shots with high velocity calibers.

Hunting caracal South Africa general information


Tips when hunting caracal South Africa

A really large tom caracal is about knee high and becomes a difficult target when further away from the hunter.

Hunting a caracal successfully is done by one of three ways:

  • one – to come across it by accident when hunting something else,
  • two – hounds
  • three – construct a blind at an own kill

Coming across the remains of a caracal’s own kill and setting up a blind is most likely to work as they habitually return to feed.


Caracal average shot distance

The average expected shooting distance when hunting caracal South Africa is 20 to 80 yards depending on the terrain you are hunting in.

Best time of year for hunting caracal South Africa

Best time of year to hunt caracal is when you are here.

It is infinitely easier to hunt caracal during the dry season from May to October when it is easier to spot them.

Caracal hunting prices South Africa
Caracal hunting ammunition
Hunting caracal South Africa best time of year

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