Hunting baboons in South Africa

Hunting baboons in South Africa

Hunting baboons in South Africa is hunting for one of the most difficult animals to hunt.

Baboons always have a sentry on duty that never sleeps. Upon a warning call from the sentry all baboons start running immediately. Their eye-sight is unparalleled and they miss no movement or out-of-place object.

Baboons even have the ability to know the difference between armed visitors and general ranch hands. General ranch hands do not halfway command the respect from a troop of baboons as from one armed person.

Successfully hunting baboons in South Africa is a major accomplishment.

It is with utter patience and good shooting that baboons are hunted. This is the reason why we have a price tag on them. On some hunting properties we do not have to pay a trophy fee for baboons; therefore you will not be expected to pay for something we get for free.

Seemingly baboons live in a casual and care-free environment. The contrary is quite true. A dominant male rules the troop with severe discipline. Food is taken from juveniles at will and discipline enforced by pinching or biting other members.

Large baboon males can and will ward off attacks from leopard.

A leadership dispute is settled when a rival challenges the troop leader in a vicious fight. With the advent of a new leader, most juveniles dependent on their mothers will be killed by the new leader. This is done to promote ovulation within the female fraternity allowing the new leader to ensure his genes are promoted.

Baboon hunting prices

Baboon hunting prices South Africa for the 2020 hunting season is $100 if we actively have to go out hunting them. If we accidentally come across baboons and we are not charged a trophy fee, you can shoot it for free. Please bear in mind you will need a pre-approved tag if you want to export any primates. The tag fee is a non-nonrefundable $100 per primate.

Our baboon hunting prices are fixed for the 2020 hunting season.

Gun scope for hunting baboons in South Africa

There are numerous gun scopes and gun scope brands available on the market today. It is our recommendation NOT to buy an extremely expensive scope to hunt baboons. Rather buy an expensive gun scope for hunting in general and then to use that rifle scope for hunting baboons. The single most important issue would be for the gun scope to be able to withstand the recoil once you squeeze the trigger.

A good 2 – 12 X 50 gun scope is sufficient for hunting baboons in South Africa.

Hunting baboon South Africa
Baboon behavior

The baboon specie we find in South Africa is the Chacma baboon. Chacma baboon scientific name: Papio ursinus

Baboons are almost always in a troop. They will groom each other by removing mites, lice, ticks and any other obstacles in their coats. Male baboons are dominant and will defend their leadership in violent battles.

They are extremely agile and will scale trees in the event of danger. Like all primates, baboons are omnivorous and will eat almost anything edible. Chacma baboons have been noted to catch juvenile antelope that still suckle. This is done to drink the milk from the belly of animal.

Their diet includes fruit, grasshoppers, seeds, corn, eggs, lizards, scorpions and almost anything else. If it moves they eat it. If it does not move they kick it till it moves and then they eat it.

Hunting baboons South Africa caliber
Baboon hunting caliber

The best baboon hunting caliber is a small- to medium bore rifle that you can shoot accurately. There are numerous calibers out there that you will be able to use effectively to hunt baboons with.

We recommend the following calibers as being the best baboon hunting calibers in South Africa:

Baboon hunting caliber

Baboon shot placement

Baboon hunting shot placement
Broadside shot

Baboons are slight body animals which is why the shot can be placed anywhere in the upper body.

Quartering to

For shot placement on baboons when quartering to, aim at the inside of the closer shoulder. Any caliber with velocity greater than 2 000 fps will have the desired effect.

Quartering away

Quartering away shot placement on baboons: bisect the angle formed by the front legs, aim at the opposite shoulder and find your trophy.

Baboon hunts from the past

General information on hunting baboons in South Africa

By perception people think that hunting baboons is as easy as baking apple pie. Well that is as far from the truth as the East is from the West.

Hunting baboons in South Africa is a difficult task if you are not able to shoot fast at short notice. Or, if you are not able to take shots of 200 yards and beyond.

Baboons are troop animals. They like to be in sociable contact with other members for safety and grooming purposes. A strict hierarchy is maintained between the troop leader and other members lower down on the pecking order.

They are incredibly smart animals. Park rangers can be distinguished from civilians, showing very little respect for civilians without firearms.

When a hunter with a rifle is spotted, baboons will start running and usually do not stop until they deem themselves out of range. Many times this can be in excess of 400 yards. With new technology and rifle scopes baboons are in for a surprise when they get shot at ranges in excess of 1 000 yards.

Make sure you are prepared for numerous situations with regards to taking a quick shot:, lying down while taking a shot, taking a shot from a tree and even from the tracker’s shoulder.

Enjoy your hunt. Be sure. Be safe and know where your rifle shoots.


Tips on hunting baboons in South Africa

Hunting baboons usually happens by accident. Alternatively, when you have a well hidden hide and can take a good shot at one of these destructive animals.

Archery hunting baboons is on the increase and in such a case you must hunt baboons from a hide or blind.


Best time of year to baboons in South Africa

The best time of year for hunting baboons in South Africa is when you are here. We hunt baboons anytime of year from January to December.


Average shot distance

The average expected shot distance when hunting baboons in South Africa is 100+ yards depending on the terrain you are hunting in.

Below is one of our baboon hunting videos.

Feel free to experience the excitement with us!

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