South African hunting safari prices

South African hunting safari prices in Africa 2024

African hunting safari prices South Africa 2024 by African Bushbuck Adventures. We also offer extremely competitive African hunting safari packages. Our African hunting safari prices South Africa are now confirmed for the 2024 hunting season. We share our growing success with you due to your loyal support over the last number of years by keeping our African hunting safari prices the same. How many other South African hunting outfitters offer the same hunting price freeze? The best affordable South African hunting safari prices for what you get!

Custom South African hunting safari prices 2024

Custom hunting safaris are when you decide to hunt specific animals that are not in any of our African plains game- or African dangerous game hunting packages. This means you decide which animals you would like to hunt at you pace.

If you decide to do a custom South African hunting safari with a hunting buddy or a companion in the form of a spouse or girlfriend, the following tarriffs will apply:

On a 1 X 1 hunt

1. If you want to hunt with your own dedicated Professional Hunter (PH) your daily rate will be $ 425 per day all-inclusive.

2. Your non-hunting companion that accompanies you pay an additional daily rate of $ 200 per day all-inclusive.

Upside of a 1 X 1 custom hunting safari – You have the full attention of your PH for the duration of the hunt.

Downside of a 1 X 1 custom hunt – It is more expensive than a 2 X 1 custom hunting safari


2 X 1 hunt

1. If you wish to share the daily rate with another full hunting companion your daily rate per hunter will be $ 350 per day all-inclusive. Two hunters share the services of one PH.

2. Non-hunting companions will be $ 170 per day all-inclusive.

Upside of a 2 X 1 custom hunting safari – Shared daily rates makes it cheaper per person.

Downside of a 2 X 1 custom hunt – If your hunting partner wounds animals you lose personal hunting time.


5 Star hunting

If your lifestyle demands the luxury of 5-star hunting accommodation and should you have specific trophy requirements, we will be able to accommodate you. Please talk to us about your requirements for a detailed and specific hunting price list.



Big game and dangerous game African hunting safari prices

These are the big game and dangerous game African hunting safari prices of the African plains game species that you can hunt with us. Our many African plains game hunting packages offer value for money. The South African hunting safari prices you see will only be adjusted down if we come across special offers and discounted hunts.

Unfortunately we have had to increase some of our South African hunting safari prices for 2023. However, the price we agreed upon will stand when you book a hunt – unless the prices are adjusted down. Our South African hunting safari prices 2024 became available during August 2023.

Please be advised: our African hunting safari prices South Africa 2024 have just become available.

Below is a list of trophy animals you can hunt in South Africa with us. All animals on the trophy hunting list are available for legal hunting only.

African hunting safari prices 2024

And here we fixed our African hunting safari prices 2024 again! We are in the medium-range pricing for hunting in Africa and same for hunting the African Big 5. The cost of an African hunting safari is less than you would think. Our African bow hunting packages cost is such that you can afford your dream hunt.

Think about it. Remember to ask us about our African safari hunting special offers at lowered prices, end-of-season special hunting deals and other cheap African safari hunts. Once we are committed to a hunt, our South African Hunting Safari prices will remain the same.

South African hunting safari prices Africa 2024

Let your trigger finger do the talking:

Trophy animal Hunting prices 2024
Hunting baboons $ 150
Blesbok – common $ 500
Blesbok – white $ 800
Wildebeest varieties
Black wildebeest $ 1 350
Blue wildebeest $ 1 250
Golden wildebeest $ 4 000
King wildebeest $ 3 950
Bushbuck – Limpopo $ 1 750
Bushpig $ 650
Cape buffalo

Starting at

$ 9 500

Cape buffalo cow $ 6 500
Caracal $ 1 500
Crocodile: under 10 ft (3 m) $ 3 500
Crocodile: 10 – 12 ft (3 m – 3,6 m) $ 6 000
Crocodile: 12 – 14 ft (3,6m – 4,3m) $ 8 000
Crocodile: 14 – 15 ft (4,3m – 4,6m) $ 10 000
Crocodile: + 15 ft $ 17 000
Duiker – common or gray $ 500
Eland $ 2 990
Elephant Waiting for tags
Gemsbok $ 1 750
Gemsbok – golden $ 3 500
Giraffe $ 2 950
Hippo $ 10 500
Hyena – spotted $ 6 000
Impala – common $ 500
Impala – black $ 2 500
Jackal $ 200
Klipspringer $ 1 950
Kudu – up to 53” $ 3 200
Kudu – 53” to 59” $ 4 200
Kudu – 60” + (guaranteed) POR
Lechwe – Red $ 3 000

Starting at

$ 7 000

Lioness $ 4 000
Leopard Waiting for tags
Nyala 2 500
Ostrich $ 600
Red hartebeest $ 1 500
Reedbuck – common $ 1 800
Reedbuck – mountain $ 1 550
Rhebok – Vaal or Gray $ 2 500
Rhino – black Waiting for tags
Rhino – white $ per inch
Roan antelope: under 28” $ 5 750
Roan antelope: over 28” $ 6 500
Sable antelope: up to 42” $ 4 500
Sable antelope: 42” – 45” $ 5 500
Sable antelope: 45” + $ 6 500
Springbok varieties
Springbok – common $ 500
Springbok – black $ 1 500
Springbok – copper $ 1 500
Springbok – white $ 1 500
Steenbok $ 550
Tsessebe $ 2 500
Warthog $ 500
Waterbuck $ 2 500
Zebra – Burchell’s or common $ 1 650
Zebra – Hartmann’s or Mountain $ 3 000
The best caliber for hunting big game in Africa will be debated for many years to come. In the end the decision for which hunting rifle and caliber to bring to Africa for a South African hunting safari will lie with you. This decision will many times be a no-brainer. For those who have never been for an out-of-country hunt it can become a major decision. Follow this link to our recommended calibers for hunting in Africa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most important: children under the age of 18 travelling with you
This is a critical piece of information you need to adhere to BEFORE you even leave for the airport. It became law in South Africa that any children travelling with you who are under the age of 18 must have an unabridged birth certificate with them. If the unabridged birth certificate of the minor cannot be produced the minor will not be allowed entry to South Africa. Also make sure you have at least two open pages in the back of everyone’s passport. Your passport needs to be valid for at least six (6) months after your departure date from South Africa.
Is it legal to wear camouflage clothing when hunting in South Africa
It is legal to wear camo hunting clothes when hunting in South Africa. In Zimbabwe OR Mozambique you may NOT make use of camouflage clothing. The most commonly used hunting clothes for both Zimbabwe and Mozambique is khaki.
Health issues when hunting in Africa
During our winter months (May-August) you will hardly see any bugs. All of the plains game hunting on our package deals take place in regions within South Africa that are malaria free. Some of the dangerous game hunts can take place in malaria regions in which case it is recommended that the required precautions be taken. Consult your doctor about malaria precautions prior to leaving. Locally we rely on bug spray a lot. It is recommended that you purchase health insurance with a reputable, internationally known company before leaving your country of origin.
Visa requirements when hunting in South Africa
Hunters from the USA and some European countries do not need to apply for a visa for your Africa hunting safari.
Inoculations for your South African hunting safari
You do not need any special inoculations prior to your hunting safari. If you intend on visiting Zambia you will need proof of a yellow fever inoculation. If your tetanus shot is questionable and a new one is due it will be a good idea to have another one.

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