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This is truly an Ultimate hunting in Africa package. This is the hunt of all hunts!


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Ultimate hunting in Africa package South Africa

There are many hunting outfitters in South Africa. This is the reason why Mkulu African Hunting Safaris compiled the Ultimate Hunting in Africa Package. This is the ultimate hunting in Africa package available in the current Professional Hunting industry in South Africa.

The Cambridge English dictionary defines ultimate as: the best or most extreme example of something: The hotel is described as “the ultimate in luxury”.

Above is how we feel about our Ultimate Hunting in Africa package. This is simply the ultimate in any hunting experience in South Africa.

Of all the hunting in Africa packages, the Ultimate hunting in Africa package was designed for the hunter who would like to hunt in Africa at least once. Hunting in South Africa packages are becoming more affordable and cheap in relation to hunting other African countries.

This is mainly due to the financial exchange rate. Feel free to contact Mkulu African Hunting Safaris for your custom hunting in South Africa hunting package deal.

Just looking at the Ultimate hunting in Africa package must indicate your interest in hunting the beautiful trophy animals in Africa. This specific Africa hunting deal is conducted in South Africa in two provinces or states. Traveling between two states means you get to see some of the beautiful country-side from one hunting destination to the next. South Africa has a diverse topography and you will learn more on the lay of the land.

This is the best and Ultimate African hunting safari package with prices to match. If you have limited time and aim to make most of what is available, then this African safari hunt in South Africa is the ideal safari hunting package for you. All the major plains game species are on your package list making this the big game hunting in Africa package for you.

Ultimate hunting in Africa package South Africa details

Ultimate hunting in Africa package includes

Trophy fee for a kudu

Trophy fee for a zebra

Trophy fee for a gemsbok / oryx

Trophy fee for a red hartebeest

Trophy fee for a blue wildebeest

Trophy fee for a black wildebeest

Trophy fee for a impala

Trophy fee for a warthog

Trophy fee for a springbok

Trophy fee for a blesbok

Daily rates for 10 days

Cost of Ultimate hunting in Africa package

The total hunting package cost is $ 11 950 on a 1 X 1 basis and includes daily rates and trophy fees as stipulated.

The total hunting package cost is $ 11 000 on a 2 X 1 basis and includes daily rates and trophy fees as stipulated.

Depending on time of arrival we would suggest an overnight stay. The additional cost for this is $ 150 per person.

Cost of observers

Observers are welcome at $ 1 500 for the duration of the hunt.

Depending on time of arrival an overnight stay on the day of arrival is suggested. The additional cost for this is $ 150 per person.

Gallery of Ultimate trophy hunting pictures

Our Ultimate hunting in Africa packages:

  • Accommodation while hunting
  • All land transport for the duration of the hunt
  • Laundry at all the hunting lodges
  • Bottled water
  • Soft drinks
  • Meals
  • Alcoholic beverages in moderation
  • Services of a Professional Hunter
  • Services of a skinner / tracker
  • Daily rates for the duration of the hunt
  • Trophy fees of specified trophy animals
  • Field preparation of any hunting trophies
  • Delivery of your trophies to our preferred taxidermist
  • Items of a personal nature
  • All flights – international or otherwise
  • Gratuities
  • Taxidermy work
  • Dipping, shipping and crating of trophies
  • Cost of any trophy animals wounded and not recovered
  • Cost of trophy animals hunted outside and additional to the initial package

Rifle hunting plains game in Africa

For honeymoon couples we have honeymoon safari vacation packages that include luxury accommodation at lodges suited for your every need. If you have a mind to, we can even combine any hunting, honeymoon or photo safari with a day golfing tour to most of the major golf courses in southern Africa including Leopard Creek, the Gary Player designed courses at Sun City (and the Lost Palace) and even the Arabella (depending on where you are). These are some of the world Top 100 golf courses where we can accommodate you and your loved ones.

Have a look at our African big game hunting videos

After careful selection we divided our safari hunting packages into several options. Whether you are looking for a cost-effective hunt or


something special along the lines of a custom African hunting safari we can put a deal together for you.

Here is a comprehensive list of our suggested big game hunting rifles and calibers

You are the key to unlocking the start of the best African hunting safari trip ever.

Here are the African big game hunting prices of the African plains game species that you can hunt with us on one of our many African plains game hunting packages in South Africa.

Rifle hunting dangerous game in Africa

African big 5 hunting packages in South Africa and Zimbabwe with Hunting in Africa Safaris. To ensure your hunt is legal you have to comply with all African hunting laws per country. The Professional Hunter (PH) that guides you on your dangerous game hunt needs to have a Big 5 license – this means he has sufficient African Big 5 hunting experience to keep you away from harm. It does not matter how much the cost of an African Big 5 hunting safari is, a professional hunter cannot buy experience.

Our African Big 5 hunting packages for 2014 and 2015 are all-inclusive. The cost of the Big five hunting safari includes all tags, fees, daily rates and trophy fee.

You will be billed only once for all costs involved – the price you see is the price you pay. In the event of an African Big 5 hunt being unsuccessful in terms of a Big 5 animal not being harvested, you will not have to pay the trophy fee.

The Big 5 African animals are African elephant, Cape buffalo, lion, leopard and white rhino. To hunt African elephant, leopard and white rhino you need a special license in the form of a CITES tag. If we do not have a CITES tag a hunt cannot be legal. Of the African big 5 we consider the Cape buffalo as the most dangerous game animal to hunt.

Hunting dangerous game videos are in the videos section.

Details for rifle hunting in Africa


Our Hunting in Africa prices are now confirmed to be the same for the third year in a row. The best affordable South African hunting safari prices for what you get!


The best caliber for hunting big game in Africa will be debated for many years to come. In the end the decision for which hunting rifle and caliber to bring to Africa for a South African hunting safari will lie with you.


After 21 years in the safari hunting and safari vacation business environment we know we offer some the best South African safari hunting packages available in the South African hunting safari industry.