Hunting in the Free State South Africa

Hunting in the Free State with Mkulu African Hunting Safaris.

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Hunting in the Free State South Africa

Hunting in the Free State is is hunting in the most central South African province (State) with high open plains bordering the Maluti Mountains of Lesotho. The Golden Gate National Park encompasses sandstone mountains in excess of 6 500 ft.

The Capital city is Bloemfontein which is well-known for two important reasons:

  • Bloemfontein is the judicial capital city, home to the Supreme Court of Appeal, and
  • Bloemfontein houses the Anglo Boer War Museum that depicts the Free State history as a Boer Republic.

Other important institutions include the University of the Free State and the Central University of Technology.

The Free State produces a large portion of South Africa’s grain needs making agriculture an important cornerstone to the economy of the province. The largest single contributor to the economy would be the gold rich goldfields. The gold mining industry is the single largest employer in the Free State.

Not too far from Bloemfontein (the word Bloemfontein directly translates to: Flower Creek) is the international boundary with the land-locked country of Lesotho. Lesotho is also known as the Mountain Kingdom with mountains in excess of 10 000 ft.

The Free State is home to Sasol, South Africa’s petrochemical giant that produces (amongst other resources) petrol fuel from coal.

The northern Free State has a range of hills that form part of the Vredefort Dome. The Vredefort Dome (Vredefort translates to: Peace Fort) is the world’s largest visible meteor impact site. This was formed about 2 billion (who can count that far?) years ago when a meteorite 6 miles wide struck the earth. This dome is one of eight Unesco World Heritage sites in South Africa.

Hunting in the Free State hunting camps and hunting areas

Hunting in the Free State

Hunting in the Free State is something completely different to traditional walk-and-stalk hunting. Many areas have large open plains with intermittent tall grass patches. The tall grass can be used to stalk game but to take a clear shot from within is not possible most of the time.

Lying in ambush can and does work at times when game happen to pass by or happen to be in a particular spot at any given time.

Hunting eastern Free State
Hunting Free State
Hunting in the Free State mountains
  • Hunting in the mountains of the eastern Free State holds a different set of challenges. If a hunter is not used to high altitude, the 6 000 ft plus elevation sucks your breath out with every step taken.
  • Depending on what is being hunted, a cozy, concealed spot will assist when calling antelope like mountain reedbuck and vaal rhebok (also known as: gray rhebuck).


Hunting in the Free State on horseback
  • Hunting on horseback is a specialty offered in certain regions of the Free State. Game species to be hunted in this manner is limited to mountain reedbuck, black wildebeest, springbok, blesbok, vaal rhebok and jackal.
Hunting near Golden Gate National Park

Many of our plains game hunts center towards the eastern Free State for your run-of-the-mill animals like blesbok, eland, springbok, mountain reedbok, vaal rhebok, steenbok and duiker.


Special note on hunting in the Free State

See the difference in the color of the vegetation in the three pictures. All were taken in the same vicinity: two were taken in winter and the third was taken in summer.

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