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Gallery of hunting videos YouTube

Here we have a selection of YouTube Hunting in Africa videos of plains game and dangerous game hunts over the last few hunting seasons. Our South African safari hunting packages allow sufficient time to video your hunting action. Professional videographers are available on request.

The South African bird hunting video is slightly further down this page and please ensure you have a look at where we have fun videos during our hunting safaris by viewing the Warthogs and the Aardvark and the lady from Texas videos further down.

Once Hunting in Africa Safaris decided to add their African hunting videos on YouTube we knew we were opening ourselves to a lot of criticism if we were going to upload hunting videos portraying mistakes.

However, this is not a perfect world we are living in and if other hunters can learn from our mistakes then we have achieved something. We therefore decided to upload our African hunting videos mistakes and all.

Some African animals are tough. This means they can and do take more than a single shot to harvest. If animals receive more than one shot it could also mean the hunter administered a so-called insurance shot. In the case of dangerous game it is essential for safety sake to shoot theinsurance shot.

In spite of requests NOT to watch the YouTube African hunting videos if you are a Bunny Hugger, it still remains a mystery why they watch these video clips. This is a hunting website. Hunting in Africa Safaris is a hunting company. We hunt; we fish. We eat meat. If you do not like this then what are you doing wasting your time on this website?