Plains game hunting in South Africa safaris

Plains game hunting in South Africa

Plains game hunting in South Africa with Mkulu African Hunting Safaris

Plains game hunting in South Africa

Plains game hunting in South Africa is not limited to the select few. During the last 8 years, the cost of a plains game hunting safari in South Africa has levelled out to become competitive in southern Africa again.

With our neighbors gaining access to international trade shows and having to pay the same rates for advertising, has resulted in their trophy fee prices competing par with those in South Africa.

Hunting plains game in South Africa has a few advantages over our main competitors in the plains game market. One of the very distinct advantages South Africa has, lies in the diversified habitat that supports different plains game animals in the different regions. The vegetation in each region differs to the next. Some plains game animals are grazers, some are browsers and a third group are grazer-browsers.

This translates to those plains game animals that feed on grass, those that feed on the leaves of trees, shrubs and bushes, and those that feed on grass, trees and shrubs. Vegetation, water sources and terrain are the main factors influencing the occurrence of specific game species in specific areas.

Plains game hunting in South Africa can be done by way of rifle hunting, or hunting with bow and arrow.

The superb plains game hunting safaris offered in South Africa today are in high demand due to the following reasons

  • The hunting facilities are family friendly
  • Easy access to-and-from our airports cut back on travel time
  • Accessibility and travel time to world-renowned medical attention is but a short distance away
  • Superior infrastructure allows for a variety of alternative forms of recreation to be incorporated to a hunting safari
  • An unparalleled variety of plains game species are available for the plains game hunter – anything from the largest dangerous game species to the smallest plains game can be hunted in the same country
  • Complete change in the topography of the countryside, starting with the green, lush vegetation on the eastern side of the country in the Kwa-Zulu Natal (Place of the Zulu Natal) region, to the highlands of the Free State open plains where snow is recorded occasionally, to the arid, dry semi-desert regions of the Kalahari Desert in the far western parts of the country. No wonder South Africa is often referred to as being: A world in One Country

Plains game hunting in South Africa – regions

The different areas in which plains game hunting in South Africa is conducted influences the hunting styles that matches the different species.

Kwa-Zulu Natal, in the far eastern parts of the country, yields the following magnificent trophy quality plains game animals for the hunter:

  • Blue duiker
  • Suni
  • Red duiker
  • Bushpig
  • Common reedbuck
  • Nyala
  • Bushbuck

In the dense coastal type vegetation in many areas of the Kwa-Zula Natal region, ambush hunting in the form of calling is common. Calling for nyala and red duiker are done frequently where average shooting distances can vary from 30 yards at most, to as close as it gets to within 15 yards.

The far western parts of the North West Province supports

  • Quality springbok
  • Quality gemsbok
  • Steenbok
  • Red hartebeest
  • Red lechwe
  • Eland

The semi Kalahari regions differ from dense shrub with interspersed Camel Thorn trees (Acacia erioloba) where the upper body of the taller plains game species can be visible, to open areas where the plains game and hunter face each other at mutually unacceptable distances.

A patient stalk will result in a positive outcome for the hunter.

The Free State (formerly known as the Orange Free State) is well known for supporting incredible herds of:

  • Blesbok
  • Black wildebeest
  • Eland in the mountains at high altitude
  • Mountain reedbuck
  • Gray or Vaal rhebok

Hunting plains game in the Free State of South Africa become extremely challenging where the average shooting distance increases exponentially in the open plains. This is the time you will be needing a flat shooting caliber.

The Eastern Cape supports

  • East Cape kudu
  • Cape bushbuck
  • Blue duiker
  • Caracal hunting with dogs, and
  • A wide variety of exotics

Hunting plains game in the Eastern Cape is along driven hunts, hunting with dogs and glassing the many ridges and valleys.

Average shooting distance in the Eastern Cape can be long or not.

Then of course there is hunting in Limpopo

Formerly known as the Northern Transvaal, the Limpopo region of South Africa supports an incredible diverse number of plains game species for hunting.

  • Limpopo, where the biggest kudu in the world are hunted
  • Astonishing herds of impala abound
  • Waterbuck die of age in the mountains
  • Bushbuck
  • Zebra
  • Blue wildebeest
  • Baboons
  • Klipspringer
  • Roan antelope
  • Sable and
  • Tsessebe

Techniques for hunting plains game in the Limpopo region of South Africa is as diverse as the contents of an M&M packet. Shooting downhill in a valley to stalking in tall elephant grass to open savanna areas makes this the most interesting place in South Africa for plains game hunting.

Plains game hunting in South Africa: choose your weapons

Hunt with a rifle

Plains game hunting in South Africa in most cases are conducted by rifle hunters. Entering South Africa with a rifle has some legal requirements attached. Ensure a hassle-free arrival for a hunt of a lifetime by following the few basic guidelines when importing your rifle. If you hunt with us we supply you with a filled out example of the dreaded SAPS 520 form.

Rifle hunting packages

Hunt with a bow

Plains game hunting in South Africa with bow and arrow is becoming increasingly popular. There are no hazardous forms to fill out for the import of your bow and arrows. The only downside to bringing your bow through customs is you have to collect your bow case from the SAPS office at the airport. This constitutes a minor detour and about 5 minutes of your time.

Bow hunting packages

The Mkulu African Hunting Safaris African plains game hunting in South Africa packages include the most popular African plains game animals to be hunted in South Africa. The experience we gained in the South African professional hunting industry over the last 21 years and your valuable feedback helped us compile our African big game hunting packages.

Mkulu African Hunting Safaris is one of but a select few South African hunting outfitters who will allow you to hunt one of the African plains game hunting packages, and if you decide on the spur of the moment to hunt a dangerous game animal available on the property we are hunting, to have you hunt that animal with no extra charge on the daily rates. Please note we can only allow this after you have successfully hunted all the animals in the African big game hunting package you initially booked.

Our African plains game hunting in South Africa packages include all your hunting related costs. This means we hunt the package deal you sign up for at the advertised price and nothing more. The cost of the African plains game hunting packages includes expenses like accommodation, meals, laundry, transfers and drinks.

The expenses on the African big game hunting packages not included are costs like trophy fees of animals hunted additionally to the hunting package, all taxidermy related costs and shipping fees, trip-

and personal insurance, gratuities, international flights and charter flights if required.

The best hunting in Africa packages are the ones that suit your trophy hunting desires and budget best. To have a look at our African big game hunting prices

For honeymoon couples we have honeymoon safari vacation packages that include luxury accommodation at lodges suited for your every need. If you have a mind to, we can even combine any hunting, honeymoon or photo safari with a golfing tour to most of the major golf courses in southern Africa. These golf courses include Leopard Creek, the Gary Player designed courses at Sun City (and the Lost Palace) and even the Arabella (depending on where you are). These are some of the world Top 100 golf courses where we can accommodate you and your loved ones.

After careful selection we divided our safari hunting packages into several options. Whether you are looking for a cost-effective hunt or something special along the lines of a custom African hunting safari we can put a deal together for you.

You are the key to unlocking the start of the best African hunting safari trip ever.

Plains game hunting in South Africa packages

Below are a number of our famous plains game hunting in South Africa packages.

Plains game hunting in South Africa with bow and arrow