Bow hunting hippos South Africa

Bow hunting hippos in Africa is one of the ultimate dangerous game trophies to harvest when bow hunting dangerous game in South Africa.

Bow hunting hippos South Africa requires a permit to authorize a hunter to use a bow and arrow. The process is rather tedious but we take care of the paperwork after we asked you numerous questions to forward to the authorities.

Hippos cannot the bow hunted while in the water as the vitals are hidden. A head shot is usual with a rifle because the projectile can penetrate the skull and enter the brain.

For obvious reasons a bow brain shot is not recommended, therefore, the hunter needs to wait until the hippo is in such a position where an arrow can enter the vitals on a full broad side shot, or at the very least,

a quartering away shot. Below are a number of suggestions with regards to draw weight, shot placement and tips for bow hunting hippos in South Africa.

In the instance of bow hunting hippos the bow hunter needs to stay away from mechanical broad heads. Fixed blade broad heads are the only way to go and get a broad head with the largest possible cutting edge that your bow will shoot accurately.

Make sure you read the Note of Caution below: when bow hunting dangerous game with a rifle or bow, your professional hunting guide will be armed with his / her own large bore rifle. The bow hunter needs to be aware of the possibility of a hippo charge before your intended hippo bow hunt.
Good luck on your bow hunting hippo safari.

Note of caution when bow hunting hippos

You will be guided by an experienced Professional Hunter for your hippo bow hunt. We cannot determine prior to the hunt if there will be a dangerous situation where the PH needs to step in and save lives. In the event of a hippo charge where the bow hunter cannot release an arrow before the personal safety zone of the hunting group is breached, and the PH needs to take preventative action and shoot the hippo, the hippo will be considered your trophy as per industry standards.

Hunting in Africa Safaris has never had such a situation but please be aware of the possibility.

Information on bow hunting hippos South Africa

Hippo bow hunting prices

The hippo bow hunting prices 2018 South Africa has been confirmed at from $ 9 500 for the duration of the 2018 African bow hunting season.

Draw weight bow hunting hippos

The recommended draw weight for bow hunting hippos in South Africa is any increment greater than minimum draw mass. Any draw weight equal to or greater than 95 lb is recommended for bow hunting hippos.

Kinetic energy (KE) required

The minimum kinetic energy (KE) required for bow hunting hippo is 95 ft / lb.

Arrow information

A minimum arrow velocity of 230 fps is suggested for bow hunting hippo in South Africa.

A minimum arrow weight of 800 grains (gr) is suggested for bow hunting hippo in Africa.

Average shot distance

Average shooting distance when bow hunting hippo in South Africa are seldom further away than 25 to 35 yards from your trophy hippo.

Broad heads

A fixed blade 2-blade broad head with a 2” cutting width will yield the desired results. You decide which brand broad head you would like to use when bow hunting hippo.

Shot placement when bow hunting hippos South Africa

Broadside shot

Hippo have a rather large area covering the vital organs for adequate shot placement.

Place the shot right behind the shoulder of the hippo in line with the front leg, one third of the way up from the bottom of the chest to the top of the back.

This shot should result in a high heart / lung shot leading to the hippo expiring in the least amount of time.

Quartering to shot

A quartering to shot is not recommended due to the position of the head and the sheer mass of the animal.

Quartering away shot

On a quartering away shot care should be taken not to attempt to have the arrow penetrate through too much stomach content. Place the arrow in a spot bisecting the angle formed by the front legs into a position one third of the way up from the bottom of the brisket to the top of the back.

Tips for bow hunting hippos South Africa

The following tips for bow hunting hippo are done from the perspective of walk-and-stalk hunting along the banks of a river or lake.

Hippos always seem to be sleeping but the instant they sense any danger a mad rush ensues to water with only the snout, eyes and ears above the water. A situation like that would be ideal for rifle hunting hippos but is a no-shot situation for a bow hunter.

A bow hunter has to wait for the hippo to be out of the water or at least in shallow water where the vitals can be reached on a broad side shot.

Due to the cost of these animals they are not one of the 10 most popular animals to bow hunt in South Africa.

Best time of year to bow hunt hippos in South Africa

The following tips for bow hunting hippo are done from the perspective of walk-and-stalk hunting along the banks of a river or lake.

We bow hunt hippos from January to December.

We look forward assisting you on your South African hippo bow hunt.

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