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Kudu hunting in South Africa has not been made better than this.

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Hunting kudu in South Africa – kudu hunting prices and tips

Kudu scientific name – Tragelaphus strepsiceros

Hunting kudu in South Africa is a plains game hunting experience to look forward to. Our kudu hunting packages are becoming extremely popular because it is difficult to hunt a trophy quality kudu.

First of all, the age-old squabble of Cape kudu vs greater kudu will never really be laid to rest. Cape kudu are not a separate genus or separate specie; Cape kudu merely do not grow the same horn length as kudu in the northern parts of South Africa. Some say it lies in the type of vegetation and diet in the North (Limpopo, North West Province and Mpumalanga). As a result, greater kudu in the northern parts of South Africa grow bigger horns.

Kudu is certainly the most popular plains game animal to hunt in South Africa. As a result, it seems like every hunter must have a kudu. The name Gray Ghost is associated with kudu. Gray Ghost refers to the uncanny ability of a kudu bull to disappear without sound and very little movement. Likewise, gray refers to the color of the kudu.

Kudu is included in our South African hunting safari packages as the priority animal to hunt. Professional Hunters and visiting hunters always sigh a sigh of relief when a fantastic kudu is successfully hunted. Looking at our kudu trophy hunting pictures, we furthermore feel we offer some of the best kudu hunting safaris Africa has to offer.

We have hunted kudu in almost every hunting scenario; from open fields, to thick brush and mountains. As a result, we honestly feel we have some of the best kudu hunting in the world.

Hunting gold medal kudu

If hunting kudu in the gold medal class or if trophy record book kudu hunting is above all what you are after, you have come to the correct company.  Please remember that hunting record book kudu comes at an additional fee.

Our kudu hunting prices are an average reflection of the hunting industry prices. For the reason that demand for kudu over 60” exceeds supply, we regrettably have to charge more for this holy grail of kudu.

Your South African hunting safari probably starts right after you decided to hunt Africa. Getting prepared for your South African hunting trip is almost as exciting as being here and going on your first hunt. Enjoy every moment of the journey.

Just to whet your appetite, scroll further down this page for our kudu hunting videos. The videos certainly do not reflect the complete hunt so please do not think hunting kudu is easy at all.

We absolutely do not offer cheap African hunting safaris. It is policy we rather hunt up to a standard in contrast to hunting down to a price.

Mkulu African Hunting Safaris offer hard to beat value for money South African hunting safari packages. We hunt kudu hard and above all, we hunt fair chase. Our fair hunting in South Africa prices allow you the opportunity to hunt South Africa at affordable prices allowing us to still make a living. Thank you for understanding and we appreciate your patronage.

Seems like kudu hunting more exciting than this has not been discovered yet.

Hunting kudu in South Africa information

Best kudu hunting caliber

Mkulu African Hunting Safaris suggests the following as the best calibers for hunting kudu in South Africa:

  • 270
  • 7 mm-08
  • 7 X 57
  • 7 mm Rem Mag
  • 8 X 64 Breneke
  • 308
  • 30-06
  • 300 WSM
  • 300 Win Mag
  • 338-06
  • 338
  • 338 Lapua
  • 35 Whelen
  • 375
  • 376 Steyr
Gun Scope

A good quality 2 – 12 X 50 gun scope should be sufficient for hunting kudu in South Africa. This is as a result of a wide zoom range and a long eye relief which will allow for greater flexibility to view the target quicker.

Average shooting distance

The average expected shooting distance when hunting kudu in South Africa is 80 to 180 yards.  In contrast to the wide-open terrain of the central interior of the country, shot distance can also be influenced by the terrain you are hunting in. Hunting in the bushveld will certainly have shorter shooting distances as a result of denser vegetation. Another consideration determining shooting distance is the time of year you decide to hunt kudu.

Kudu hunting season South Africa dates 2019

Prior to the existence of the Professional Hunter industry, hunts were legally undertaken by locals during the South African winter months of May, June, July and August. These were by far the preferential hunting months and were considered as the best biltong making months because there were no flies. Consequently, for a hunt to have been legal, South African hunters had to purchase a hunting license from the local magistrate’s court. This license was valid for the specific hunting season only and had to be produced on demand of any officials.

With the development of the Professional Hunting industry, new laws and regulations came to be. As a result of the aforementioned, this meant that landowners had to apply to the local state authority for exemption. This meant hunters could also hunt year-round on such properties. Landowners pay a license fee in lieu of the individual license fees hunters had to pay.

Included in the newer system is an inspection of the hunting property that also needs to fulfill to minimum criteria as set out by the authorities.

Kudu hunting season South Africa dates 2019 are from 1 January 2019 through 31 December 2019.

Kudu hunting prices South Africa

Average size kudu we hunt is 50”. This is the overall average length of all kudu taken over time. It is very difficult to find kudu of above average horn length due to the fact that it takes eight plus years for kudu to grow large horns. We believe that kudu are harvested before they reach their full potential due to high demand .

Kudu hunting prices South Africa 2019 start from $ 2 750-00 if you hunt this magnificent Gray Ghost as an add-on. Our kudu hunting prices South Africa 2019 will remain the same barring any major international happenings.

Kudu hunting ammunition

First of all, Mkulu African Hunting Safaris recommend you only use premium grade ammunition for kudu hunting. Our preferred ammunition manufacturer is Barnes TTSX and TSX in just about any weight. Other premium grade ammunition manufactures you can use would be Federal Premium, Sierra and others.


Shot placement when hunting kudu in South Africa

Broadside shot

Try and aim right on the shoulder in line with the front leg, one third of the way up from the bottom of the brisket to the top of the hump on the back.

Quartering to shot

Make sure to aim for the inside of the closer shoulder at the same height as for a broadside shot.

Quartering away shot

Place the shot at the spot bisecting the angle formed by the front legs. Similarly, aim at the same height as for a broadside shot.

Facing to shot

Take your time and make sure you aim at the bottom of the throat where it meets the chest. On a frontal shot care should be taken not to misjudge where the throat joins the chest due to the beard down the length of the throat.

Shot placement diagram for hunting kudu

Gallery of kudu trophy hunting pictures

Kudu hunting videos South Africa

Below are a couple kudu hunting videos South Africa 2016 and earlier. For a comprehensive list of our African hunting videos South Africa 2014, 2015 and 2016, please follow this link to our video page.

Tips for hunting kudu in South Africa

Walk-and-stalk when hunting kudu is the traditional way of going about it. If you cannot walk due to any health or other issues we will gladly hunt up to your abilities.

Larger kudu herds can be more difficult to stalk due to the very large ears that kudu use almost as radar stations. Solitary bulls probably are the most wily antelope and are very hard to hunt indeed. Bachelor herds of between 2 and 10 animals are common and are even more difficult to stalk.

Best time of year for hunting kudu in South Africa

The bush in the best kudu hunting areas is rather dense during our summer months from November to April. From June to August the bush starts to recede rather quickly because little to no rain during the winter. During September and October, the daily temperatures start rising while the bush recedes to a minimum.

The best time of year to hunt kudu in South Africa is twofold: first of all, kudu rut during the second week of April till about the second week in May (give or take a few days either way), and secondly, from late June to end October when the bush has receded most.

We can and do hunt kudu from January to December.

South African hunting safari packages 2019

Below are our South African hunting safari packages 2019. You are welcome to have a look at them and even come up with a few innovative suggestions on how we can accommodate your specific requirements.